Now in theaters and streaming: June 24, 2022

Directed by Richard Gray; written by Eric Belgau

Cast: Gabriel Byrne, Isaiah Mustafa, Thomas Jane, Richard Dreyfuss, Nat Wolff, Zach McGowan


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Official Synopsis

The once peaceful and booming Yellowstone City has fallen on hard times, but when a local prospector strikes gold, things seem to be turning around. Any hope is soon shattered when the prospector is found dead and the Sheriff quickly arrests a mysterious newcomer. But nothing is so simple in this sleepy western town, and more than a few of the locals have secrets to keep and reasons to kill. As the brutal murders continue, pitting neighbor against neighbor, Yellowstone City goes down a bloody path to a final showdown that not all will survive.

The set at Yellowstone Film Ranch

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In the editing room with Gabriel Byrne and Nat Wolff


  1. I am looking forward to this. I’m crossing my fingers when it comes out…we can sit in theaters safely and watch it on big screens. Even if I have to find a drive-in.

  2. That set almost looks like the town from Kevin Costner ‘s movie Open Range with Robert Duvall. Great movie.


    IT LOOKS LIKE A GREAT SPECIAL PLACE: What sky! Mountains, valley, so green. Very special for this film. It looks too like a special history. Of course we are waiting for this anxiously like other films of our dear GABRIEL. The best to all of you, my friends.

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