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Cineuropa reports:

Film Fund Luxembourg unveils the projects selected in its second annual committee

05/05/2021 – New works by Barbara Albert, Margarethe von Trotta and Gérard Corbiau are among the various films supported by the Luxembourg institution

Likewise gracing the list of selected titles is the historical drama Saving Mozart, which is directed by Gérard Corbiau (Farinelli), co-produced with Belgium (Saga Film) and Germany (Film-Line), and which unfolds in Salzburg in 1939 with Irish actor Gabriel Byrne occupying the lead role (€1,500,000, Deal Productions).

The film has been part of the portfolio at Saga Film since 2017. Their synopsis of the film:

Salzburg, 1939. Mozart’s city is becoming the cultural capital of the Third Reich. Otto Steiner ekes out his days in a Salzburg sanatorium while, in the world outside, History is baring its teeth. Austrian, (a bit) Jewish, (completely) alone, all that matters to him now is music. Tuberculosis eats away at him as much as the petty humiliations of being ill, and, together, they push him close to the edge. He intends to kill the senior doctor in the sanatorium. He intends to kill Hitler as well, and almost manages it. Instead, he will mastermind a musical rebellion… in order to save Mozart!

The Book

The book, Saving Mozart, is a first novel by Raphaël Jerusalmy, published in 2013. It is available at Amazon US in both Kindle and paperback editions and has received generally good reviews: “A novel of one dying man’s act of defiance against the Nazis. This slender, confident debut novel is deliciously atmospheric and tense” (Financial Times).” Here is the Amazon synopsis for the book:

Raphaël Jerusalmy’s debut novel takes the form of the journal of Otto J. Steiner, a former music critic of Jewish descent suffering from tuberculosis in a Salzburg sanatorium in 1939. Drained by his illness and isolated in the gloomy sanatorium, Steiner finds solace only in music. He is horrified to learn that the Nazis’ are transforming a Mozart festival into a fascist event. Steiner feels helpless at first, but an invitation from a friend presents him with an opportunity to fight back. Under the guise of organizing a concert for Nazi officials, Steiner formulates a plan to save Mozart that could dramatically change the course of the war.

Saga Film page for Saving Mozart

Saving Mozart Facebook Page


  1. It sounds like a very interesting story. I am sure I will like this movie very much.

    I am so glad Gabriel Byrne has energy to be both an author and an actor. He is so talented to both things.

    I like the way his brain works and his kind heart.

    Thank you for sharing!

    Nora from Norway

  2. I’ve always wondered how my life would be different if my great grandparents hadn’t left Germany during the 1st world war. Can’t wait to see this movie.


    The same like you Boo. I can’t wait for this film … my parents left Europe in those dramatic times full of affliction and sadness … they found in Argentina a great home thank GOD. The same as you. I can’t wait to see this movie. THANKS Stella. I am answering so late … but ever near you …

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