1. What a wonderful book cover you have created Stella!

    Wish the publisher would use it.

    • Thanks, Nora! It’s always fun to make temporary posters and other creative things for Gabriel’s projects while waiting for the “real” promotional materials to become available. I put some extra effort into this one because I really am excited to read this new book of his and that inspired me! <3

  2. You are a lady with many talents Stella!

  3. do you know if the book tour walking with ghosts is coming to the uk and if so where ?

    • Hi, Rachel. Gabriel Byrne is not participating in a “book tour” at this time. He has done many interviews, Zoom sessions, and podcasts in support of his book, but he has not been visiting venues like bookshops where he might read a chapter or two and then sign copies of his new book. Sad, but the pandemic made touring really impossible.

      His play, based on that book, may or may not be produced somewhere other than Dublin. We don’t know the plans for his play at this time.

      We DO know that the play is being recorded and will be streamed online February 26 – March 4. More details on that great event will be forthcoming soon.

      Thanks for visiting the website.

      Stella <3

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