The Irish Arts Center celebrated its annual Spirit of Ireland Gala on October 14, honoring the international recording artist Hozier, the iconic Riverdance star Jean Butler, and the Chairman and CEO of Xerox Corporation, Ursula Burns–and Gabriel Byrne was there!

As an Honorary Co-Chair of the event, of course he was there: introducing honorees, having his picture taken with everyone, and continuing his unswerving support for this organization and its grand plans for a new building this year.

The Huffington Post covered the event:

The Irish Arts Center -celebrates the new cultural voices of Ireland- promoting theater. Literature, song and dance through performance and education…The Center is now in the midst of a Capital Campaign for the development of an expanded vital Center.

There are three pictures of “the beloved Irish-born musician Hozier (Andrew Hozier-Byrne), His sincere deep melodic sounds delighted the audience…” in this article about gala fund-raising activities in New York City, and one of Mr. Byrne:

spirit-of-ireland-gala-huffington-post-2016Actor, Writer, Producer Gabriel James Byrne with composer Norman Sachs
Courtesy of Huffington Post

The most pics, however, come from the Irish Arts Center itself, as we would expect. They very kindly shared a ton of these at their Facebook Page and those including Mr. Byrne are now in the Gallery.

A sampling:

spirit-of-ireland-gala-2016-01Gala Honorary Co-Chair Gabriel Byrne with
Pauline Turley, Vice-Chair of the Irish Arts Center

spirit-of-ireland-gala-2016-10Honorees Jean Butler (L) and Ursula Burns (R), with Mr. Byrne in the middle

spirit-of-ireland-gala-2016-24Honorees Hozier and Jean Butler (L), Ursula Burns (R),
two unknown happy people in the center, and Gabriel Byrne peeking out

Andrew Hozier-Byrne, whom the world knows simply as Hozier (he and Gabriel must be related somehow, yes?) sang Take Me to Church, and Martin Hayes and Dennis Cahill (my favorite Irish trad musicians!) performed as well. By all accounts, it was an evening to remember!

spirit-of-ireland-gala-live-2016-08Two Degrees of Byrne
Shared by Hozier on Twitter

Be sure to check out the Gala pics in the Gallery and please consider supporting the Irish Arts Center campaign for a new building: Almost Home!

Designed by Ireland’s Office of Public Works (Wexford Opera House) and the New York architects Davis Brody Bond (National September 11 Museum), the New Irish Arts Center will bring together the old and the new in a dynamic, inclusive, sustainable flagship destination for New Yorkers who love great art, for visitors seeking an authentic cultural experience, and for the global Irish community.

Finally, just because I love this video and the music so much, here is Hozier singing Take Me to Church to scenes from Stigmata, with Gabriel Byrne and Patricia Arquette. heart


  1. Thank you, Stella! These pictures are so great! Gabriel looks so handsome!! <3

  2. Such great photos. Congratulations to all for another great fundraiser. By the sounds of it , they will break ground next year !

  3. Yes, Angelle and Kristen, those are great pics from a lovely event! And it does sound as though the project is about to get off the ground. I can’t wait to see this new building and its new programs! <3

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