Some of Gabriel Byrne’s most recent films are streaming in multiple places (and countries) now, as well as being available on DVD and Blu-ray.

It’s great to see his work being made so accessible. Be sure to check these out!

Louder Than Bombs: Streaming on Amazon Prime and also available at Amazon on DVD, Blu-ray and to rent

Just A Sigh: Streaming on iTunes, VUDU, Google Play, and Amazon

I, Anna: Available at Amazon Video

Marco Polo: Available on Netflix USA (Gabriel appears in Episode 4)


  1. Loved all of these productions ! Enjoyed Louder Than Bombs and Le temps de l’aventure on the big screen. Marco Polo also available on Netflix Canada.

    Angelle from Canada

    • Angelle, you are so lucky to have seen both of those films on the BIG screen! I can’t even imagine what that experience would have been like.

      Still, we are fortunate to have current Gabriel movies on any size screen, so I’m really pleased to see these titles available for streaming.

      Oh, and Marco Polo Season 3 was just cancelled by Netflix. :-( Now that Season 2 cliff-hanger will just be hanging there forever…

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