A film festival is often the first place directors will introduce their new babies to the public. This is no stroll in the park, with baby dressed in new finery and compliments expected, even if baby has no hair yet or is fussy and irritable. No, a film festival, especially one such as the Berlinale, is a critical place. Sometimes, the critics are kind and even enthusiastic. Sometimes, baby is booed off the stage. And other times, questions are asked and constructive critiques offered. Baby needs a few changes and all will be well, the critics suggest.

And this is what happened to Nobody Wants the Night.

First change: A new title. So now the film is Endless Night. That works fine.

Second change: A new voice-over by Juliette Binoche, who plays Josephine Peary in the film. This makes sense. There was a voice-over in the original film provided by a male character. Having Josephine Peary tell the story seems appropriate.

Third change: The film is re-cut. Think of this as baby’s new clothes.

Fourth change: A new poster (although they really should have placed the corresponding names over the images of the actors, don’t you think? Otherwise: confusion).

Fifth change: A new trailer. There is definitely more Gabriel Byrne in the new trailer, so that’s a good thing!

Final change: A new distributor.

Voilà! New baby, ready for screening.

Here are the details from Screen Daily:

UK sales outfit Metro International has taken over sales rights from Elle Driver to a refashioned version of Isabel Coixet’s Berlinale opener Nobody Wants The Night.

The film is understood to have been “significantly” cut by the filmmakers and now includes a voiceover narrated by the film’s star Juliette Binoche.

Metro described the new version as “a leaner, revitalized final cut.”

These changes seem to have done the trick. New baby, now leaner and meaner, received much praise at its outing at the Valladolid Film Festival in Spain last fall, where it won four Goya awards.

And now baby seems to be poised to go international. Yay!

Kudos to director Isabel Coixet and her editing crew for taking such care with her baby and getting past the initial critical hurdles.

As noted, Metro Films International has taken over distribution of the film and you can find more information on their website.

new poster


new trailer

The new trailer is available but, for some odd reason, it cannot be embedded here in this posting. You can watch it on Vimeo. Do so now! It is really good.

new trailer screencaps








As more news becomes available, you will see it here, of course. Let’s continue to hope for an international release for this intriguing film! heart



  1. I think the order of the names is contractual. Always that way on posters. I love the trailer but the poster is very busy and the beautiful Binoche is not well served.

    • Yes to your comment about the name placement on the poster. I just wish it were otherwise. ;-)

      Despite best intentions, actors are often not well served in their film posters. I often think more abstract posters work better! The trailer, however, IS lovely.

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