Ihsan Alnasrawi, who is responsible for the storyboards and other artwork for Gabriel Byrne’s latest film Lies We Tell, very kindly shared the new poster and some of his artwork with us!

He has this to say on Linked In [only members can see this. Sorry!]:

The new poster features for the first time portraits of some of the film’s main protagonists, including Harvey Keitel, alongside lead actor Gabriel Byrne, giving a tantalising glimpse into the mood of this noirish thriller.

Variously dubbed as romantic and moral, the full poster art depicts a lone silhouetted female figure on a shadowy path, dominated by an ominous city skyline.

Having worked on the film throughout pre-production, drawn the storyboards and assisted in principal photography, I can tell you it is a rich prismatic tapestry woven from story, imagery and emotion.

lies-we-tell_movie-websiteOfficial Poster

links to check out

View Ihsan’s storyboards for the film; the first ones include Donald, the character played by Gabriel Byrne.

His storyboards are amazing and you can compare his storyboards to actual frames from the film at his website

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Thanks, Ihsan, for this good news!


  1. This poster is gorgeous! Thank you to Ihsan for sharing it with you, and to you for sharing it with us, Stella.

  2. Nice poster!

    Glad to read that Gabriel Byrne is a lead actor in this movie.

    (But I have no idea about what he will play in the movie.)
    (Except for the name Donald. I am sure it is not one of the two Donalds I have in mind when I heard that first name)

  3. Maybe someone could tell the creator of the poster to put the right names under the photos of the actors/actresses?

    • They never do that, Nora. I don’t know why. I guess the photo composition happens and then the names MUST go in order according to their contracts.

      I think. I’ve asked that question several times over the years and everyone just says “Sorry. Can’t do that.”

      Sigh. So confusing sometimes! But we know who Gabriel Byrne is, at least… ;-)

  4. Thanks Stella. This is such an amazing process , isn’t it.


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