Louder Than Bombs has been making some noise lately at film festivals in Ireland and Scotland and the run up to the USA premiere, set for April 8 in NYC and LA, with wider release expected, has begun!

USA Premiere

Thanks to Entertainment Weekly, we have the new USA Trailer (which is essentially what we have seen previously without subtitles) AND a new poster!



These promotional items are courtesy of the EW interview with Jesse Eisenberg, who has this to say about Louder Than Bombs:

What was it like working with Joachim Trier? I know this was his first English language film.
He’s not just fluent in English but also incredibly well-versed in American culture. But what was different was that he has a kind of sensibility that is just, in my experience, unusual in independent film. … The movie felt like we were making an art film with house money. It seemed like we could try different things. It didn’t feel like we were just trying to get in and out of a location. It felt like we can kind of explore different aspects of what these characters are dealing with in a way that didn’t feel rushed. It’s partly the circumstances of the production and partly [Trier’s] nature. … It’s kind of an American story, but made by an outsider who likes American culture. It’s that interesting perspective that I think makes the movie really unusual for an American audience.

Several Byrneholics have already seen the film and their response has been enthusiastic and also thought-provoking. I cannot wait to see it, but wait I must–one of the only disadvantages to living in a small town in the desert mountains. However, if it is playing in New York City when I am there in May, I will try to see it then. If it is playing in YOUR town, go see it!

Dublin International Film Festival

The Dublin International Film Festival screened Louder Than Bombs on Saturday, February 20.

From the festival website:

In what can only be described as the smoothest of transitions, Norwegian director Joachim Trier’s English-language debut finds him in top form, completely at ease with the language and fluently using to great effect the same subtle approach and lively visual grammar perfected in his two earlier films, Reprise and Oslo, August 31st. This story of the husband and two sons of a celebrated war photographer who try to find a common ground three years after her death in a traffic accident is richly detailed, sensitively played and cleverly mounted.

The cast deserve full credit. Gabriel Byrne’s father is soulful and sincere but he’s not always the most admirable or determined person. Isabelle Huppert offers one of her most unselfconscious performances, as the sunburned, weather-beaten photographer who doesn’t mind looking her age. Devin Druid carries Conrad with all the rebellious spirit required, and David Strathairn offers a remarkable cameo as Isabelle’s former colleagues about to write a revealing piece about her for The New York Times. –Dan Fainaru Screen Daily

The film received very positive responses from festival attendees:

LOUDER THAN BOMBS: complex, fractured narrative of devastating loss is never less than compelling. Superb end to a long day at #ADIFF16.

— Lewis (@thirtysecsflat) February 20, 2016 (Lewis’ account no longer exists on Twitter)


Glasgow Film Festival

Director/writer Joachim Trier attended the Glasgow Film Festival, which runs February 17 – 28. He provided this brief interview:

More press and promotional materials should be coming our way soon, so stay tuned! In the meantime, some images from Cannes 2015:

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  1. I saw the movie when it had its premiere in Norway. Liked it very much.
    Hope you all will do the same.

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