Filming continues for Mad to be Normal, the new movie about psychiatrist R. D. Laing, in York, England, with sets that include the University of York and stately homes, including Scampston Hall in Malton, nearby.

The film stars David Tennant in the lead role, with supporting cast including Gabriel Byrne, Elisabeth Moss, Michael Gambon, and David Bamber.

Additional supporting cast members and locals who are serving as extras have been tweeting up a storm and they all seem to be enjoying their experience re-creating the 1960’s very much.

From Empire Magazine:

Writer/director Robert Mullan, who is something of an authority on the man after publishing several books about him, describes him thusly: “in the late 1960s, and throughout the 1970s, R.D. Laing was referred to by some as the ‘high priest of anti-psychiatry’ and the so-called ‘Acid Marxist’ – lauded by his supporters for his daring and experimental work with disturbed people. In truth, Laing simply tried harder than other psychiatrists to sympathetically understand the cracked minds of the people who came to see him. He gave them time and tried to see the world from their point of view. His books sold all over the world and his reputation was global”.

madtobenormal-promo-02Elisabeth Moss (Angie Wood), David Tennant (R. D. Laing), and Gabriel Byrne (Jim) in a promotional shot from the film

We do not know very much about Gabriel Byrne’s character in the film, but from the promotional images so far, we can guess that he probably portrays an antagonist of some sort and not a patient, although only time will tell!

madtobenormal-poster-promo-01Unofficial promotional poster

madtobenormal-promo-01Another official promotional image from the film


madtobenormal-script-2016The script

Find out more about Mad to be Normal on IMDB and follow the official Twitter feed for the film. And stay tuned here for more news!


  1. Isabel Margarita Gandarillas

    As a psychiatrist Gabriel Byrne has no limits being a genius!!


    Love him so much

  2. Thanks for sharing this information and the photos. I am very curious about what role Gabriel Byrne has in this movie. He looks angry in the photos…

    • Nora, I now know that he is playing someone named JIM ROBERTS. And that is all I know! LOL As you say, in the pics it would seem he is not very happy with Dr. Laing. Another psychiatrist? Patient? Father of a patient? Who knows? So we must wait and see!

  3. Wow. Great photos. Tennant and Byrne have to be the two most intense-looking actors on the planet. I sense a 60’s vibe. It’s pretty obvious that Mr. Byrne’s character is not a fan of Dr. Laing. Sparks are flying here.

    Angelle from Canada

    Love the new website design!

    • Sparks indeed! Late ’60’s, early ’70’s, apparently. Can’t wait to see what all the sparks are about!

      Thanks for positive comment about the new design. I am still hacking away in the background, learning the new template. Lots of possibilities for future cool stuff. Patience is appreciated. :-)

  4. I’m intrigued. This seems to be very complex psychological story.

  5. Paul Stephenson

    Hi guys, I shot all the official stills for Mad to be Normal and met one of my heroes – Gabriel. Such a true gentleman, full of Irish charm and humour. No spoilers, but it will be incredible film. Thank you for the kind comments. Best wishes. Paul

    • Thanks for dropping by, Paul!

      We are excited to see this film, of course. And your promo shots are great! Thanks so much for them.

      Stella <3

  6. Bernardita Ossa Rojas

    No he visto la película, cuando
    llega a Chile?

    • Hola, Bernadette!

      Esta película no ha publicado ninguna parte ser todavía. No sé cuando estará disponible en Chile.

      Por favor continúe a visitar aquí para obtener más noticias sobre esta película!

      Stella <3

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