It has been a banner year for our peripatetic Irish thespian, with the very successful Broadway run of the play Long Day’s Journey Into Night and the release of Joachim Trier’s film, the lovely and also shattering Louder Than Bombs, both in the past few months.

And now he has four films coming out later this year, three of them noted below. There is also Lies We Tell (be sure to read the update for that film), plus he will be portraying Pope Gregory X in the second season of the Netflix series Marco Polo.  And don’t forget the documentary Behind the Sword in the Stone, which is also coming out this year, we hope!

What’s next? No idea. But you will see it here, so stay tuned! smile

The latest information on the three new films:

No Pay, Nudity

There is a bit of confusion about the official title for this film, as you can see from the poster.

However, the good news is: the film will have its USA premiere at the Stony Brook Film Festival on July 26!

Playbill reports: [Unfortunately, this article is no longer available at Playbill, as of November 16, 2016]

No Pay, Nudity, a new film from Lee Wilkof, the stage and screen star who created the role of Seymour opposite Ellen Greene’s Audrey in the original Off-Broadway production of Little Shop of Horrors, will make its debut July 26 as part of the Stony Brook Film Festival in New York.

Wilkof, who directed the film, told, ” No Pay, Nudity is about a middle aged actor (played by Gabriel Byrne), who has lost his way, and how he relies on his friends, who he hangs out with in the Equity Lounge ( Nathan Lane, Frances Conroy and Boyd Gaines). He finds his way back to what he loves when he returns to his hometown in Dayton, Ohio, to play the fool in King Lear, and connects with an old girlfriend (Valerie Mahaffey).”

Mr. Byrne and Mr. Lane will also appear together in the new film Carrie Pilby. More on that below.


no-pay-nudity-promo-01Frances Conroy, Gabriel Byrne, Nathan Lane, and unknown actor

Filming in New York City on July 6, 2014 :


We must all continue to hope for a general release for this film! It sounds like a winner!

Mad to be Normal

Official synopsis:

Mad To Be Normal tells the story of world-renowned Scottish psychiatrist RD Laing and his unique community at Kingsley Hall, East London, during the 1960’s.

The film  stars David Tennant, Elisabeth Moss, Michael Gambon, and Gabriel Byrne. It is currently in post-production with a release expected sometime in 2016.

Two new promotional stills (small but interesting!):

mad-to-be-normal-20160502Gabriel Byrne at left and Michael Gambon at far right, with David Tennant standing in the middle.

mad-to-be-normal-promo-04Gabriel Byrne

Gizmo Films, the production company for the film, has a bit more information, but not much yet.

There is no poster or trailer at this time, but something will be available soon!

Follow Mad to be Normal on Facebook.

Carrie Pilby

Also in post-production with a release expected in 2016, Caren Lissner’s novel-turned-film stars Bel Powley. Gabriel plays her dad.

A Facebook Update:


Visit the Carrie Pilby film website for more [This website is no longer available as of December 3, 2016, but the link is just in case it goes live again].


  1. So many things to looking forward to see!

    And the movies are really very different. One of the many great things about Gabriel Byrne is that he is able to play all kind of roles. I am so glad that he is working so much now – because then I have so much to looking forward to see. I just hope that his health will stay great and that he takes time to have vacations too.

    And will he write a second book? Then he will need time to do it…

    Thanks for sharing all this Stella.

    • I know! This is like 2013, when all those films came out. He is really busy!

      Don’t tell anyone (I’ve been saying that a lot lately…) but: the proprietor of the Little Cupcake Bake Shop reported that Mr. Byrne was often there, drinking coffee in the mornings and WORKING ON HIS BOOK.

      Is this true? Don’t know. But I like it! <3

  2. Excellent update. I want to see them all. ;-)

    • Thanks for dropping by! We want to see them all, too!

      Especially Carrie Pilby. I read the book. Can’t wait to see the film! <3


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