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Search “Gabriel Byrne” in your favorite search engine and you will find tons of pictures of him on the Internet. Pinterest has lots of Gabriel Byrne pics, too. Instagram. Twitter. Facebook. Yes, there are thousands of Gabriel Byrne images available in digital format.

What happens, though, when you are looking for a specific picture? Sometimes Google/Bing/Whatever will help you, but sometimes you find yourself scrolling down pages of images forever.

[Hours of frustration later…]

This is when the Byrneholics Gallery arrives to save the day!

The Gallery is an organized resource that is designed to help you find the image of Gabriel Byrne you need at the very moment you need it: pictures from movies, TV shows, and public appearances. And now it has been upgraded and re-designed to help you.

Changes you will see in the upgraded Gallery:

Order of the Main Page

There is lots of information on the Main Page to get you started in your hunt for Gabriel Byrne pictorial goodness. The main arrangement is:

Categories | Last Additions | Last Updated Albums | Random Files

Categories: How the Gallery is arranged

Last Additions: Images that have been added recently

Last Updated Albums: All of the albums that have new stuff

Random Files: These random images are fun and may remind you of something you want to investigate further!


Download Button

This makes it easier for you to bring Mr. Byrne straight to your desktop. Just Click and Done!


Thumbnails and Font Sizes

Yes, everything is bigger! If you are like me, that is a good thing wink

new-gallery-screenshot-03More Colors

Various elements in the display for each image have more color now. This should make it easier to understand what you are seeing. And the background color has been changed to a nice blue, our favorite color for Mr. Byrne.

In addition to all of the obvious changes, I can report that the Coppermine Photo Gallery program has been updated for the first time in a long time. Other programs that support the Gallery have been updated, too. So the entire project is more stable and secure than it has been. And that’s a good thing.

Many thanks to Greg of GMC Designs for his work on getting the Gallery updated, and for all of his wonderful tweaks that make the displays better. In addition, Greg regenerated many images and did a lot of behind-the-scenes work that I really appreciate. Thanks, Greg!

Never Enough Design is responsible for the lovely header for the Gallery and for the color schemes and other design elements you see. Thanks, NED!

I know this all looks easy to you, and that is how it should be. But there is a lot of technical stuff going on with this Gallery, and I could never have made these improvements without their very substantial help. I had some ideas and they made those ideas happen.

Now that the Gallery is all shiny and new, I have about 5,000 images to add to it, plus some formatting clean-up to do. If you don’t hear from me, you know where I am. LOL!

Questions or concerns about the new Byrneholics Gallery? Please leave a comment! heart


  1. Congratulations Stella and crew! I love the new Gallery . So much easier to navigate. And the images are big and bold. Even on my phone!!! You’ll definitely find me there more often.

  2. Congratulations Stella!
    It looks great and is very well organised!

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