Well, that was FUN! Apologies for all those new postings alerts you received! That problem has been fixed.

Most of the redesign is now complete. There are some image sizing issues still to be worked through, but the transition to the new design was fairly seamless.

Many thanks to Tech Wizard NENAD for his work implementing the new theme!

New Features

  1. More white space makes it easier for you to navigate through the 600 postings on the website and find what you are looking for!
  2. Load More Bar brings up 6 more postings. You can click on this infinitely if you feel like browsing.
  3. Projects Carousel near the bottom of the page offers information about Gabriel’s films currently in production and nearing release.
  4. Headers at the top of each posting can contain videos now, so watch for these. These postings must be edited by hand, so this will take some time.
  5. Link to Wallpapers in the Gallery is now in the Footer on the Main Page.

Plans for the Future

  1. More Mega Movie Pages, including pages for some of Gabriel’s earlier films and television series.
  2. More Gallery Updates will bring you pictures from Gabriel’s activities and more images and screencaps from his films.
  3. The New Forum goes live in January, so stay tuned for that! You will need to register for the new forum.
  4. Gabriel’s Biography has already been updated, but there are more pictures to add and formatting to be applied to make this big document more fun to read.

Thanks for your patience during this process! I hope you will enjoy this new design. Let me know what you think!

Stella heart


  1. Verónica

    I didn’t have time yet to watch the new design but I am so glad you call him “Gabriel” and not Mr.Byrne. It gives me the sensation of we are browsing about a friend. Well, I feel him like a friend, although I don’t know him personally.
    After, I will post about the new design, ok?


  2. Glad to hear you are liking the new design, Verónica!

    That top menu has not changed in many years. It has always said Gabriel. Maybe this new design makes it easier to see that, so I’m glad I made this change!

    Enjoy! <3

  3. Dear Stella,
    I love the changes and look forward to the new Mega Movie pages, biography updates, etc. The site is easy to navigate and the layout on the landing page is great! Keep up the great work! I always look forward to coming here and am never disappointed. So much Gabriel goodness.

    Angelle from Canada

  4. I like the new design very much.
    It is more easy to find things there.
    I look forward to 2017 with the new design!

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