Lots of movie news this month, plus a small serving of politics!

An L. A. Minute

The producers continue to look for extras, so here is your chance to appear in a film with Gabriel Byrne! You have until December 14! They are looking for people to play chefs, homeless people, upscale hotel types, and power agents. I would like to play a homeless chef, please. wink

There is casting news for the film: Lyne Renee (Split, Mercy Street) has joined Gabriel and Kiercey Clemons and will play a character named Susan. The film is “a satirical look at fame and those who worship celebrity,  the film follows best-selling author Ted Gold (Byrne), who faces a moral dilemma when Velocity (Clemons), an avant-garde performance artist rocks his world.”

gb-an-la-minute-behind-the-scenes-20161123Loving those glasses, Mr. Byrne
Image provided by heidichristina90 on Instagram
(her account has since been deleted)

Byrne on Broadway

Not on stage this time, but checking out the documentary by Lonny Price, Best Worst Thing That Ever Could Have Happened. Read more about this special screening of the film at Broadway World and be sure to visit the official website for the film, too! Shortly afterwards, Mr. Byrne headed off to Savannah, Georgia to begin filming An L. A. Minute. Busy, busy!




You may recall that this portrait of Mr. Byrne, a photograph taken by Kim Haughton at his home in New York when he was on stage in Long Day’s Journey Into Night, was short-listed for the Hennessy Portrait Prize. It did not win, but it did receive considerable recognition. We love it, of course.

gabriel-byrne-by-kim-haughton-portraits-of-a-century-2016Gabriel Byrne, by Kim Haughton

No Pay, Nudity

Reviews for the film continue to roll in, and now we have an interview with director Lee Wilkof, who talked with the Canton Rep (Canton is his hometown) and said this about Gabriel [This interview is no longer available on the Internet]:

What was it like working with Gabriel Byrne?

“Gabriel is very, very lovely. He has a lot of ideas, but he will listen to your ideas. He improvises a little. He’s a very soulful man. He was going to be a priest but he became an actor, this Irishman. When the film was over, he said, ‘I’ve never enjoyed making a movie more than this one.’ Of course, he may say that on every movie.”

Um, we don’t think he says this about every movie, Mr. Wilkof. Seriously. We don’t. wink

ALERT! The digital download/DVD/VOD for the film will be available on December 13.


Politics and the Arts

No, this is not about the recent election debacle in the United States. Well, maybe it is, a little. Anyway…

The Belfast Telegraph’s Mary Kenny has this opinion: A good ‘rule of life’ would be for artistic types to steer clear of all political shenanigans. The focus of her “rule” is Michael Fassbender, but she does not limit herself to finding one person’s political commentary questionable. Nope. She dishes on Gabriel Byrne (and Liam Neeson, too):

Gabriel Byrne and Liam Neeson are other Irish stars whose views on politics and the state of the nation are sometimes sought, or sometimes given. They are as entitled as anyone else to have an opinion, but should we give weight to their opinions? Yes, when it comes to their work, but is there any correlation between bringing a brilliant interpretation to a role and guiding the national interest?

Two reasons I really, really, really disagree with her:

First, Gabriel Byrne was chosen to serve as the Cultural Ambassador for Ireland, and he served in that capacity for more than two years. Why was he asked to take on this role? Well, for one thing, he had demonstrated that he understood the intersection of politics and the arts (and business!), and he had provided evidence of this understanding for many years. As Cultural Ambassador, he helped educate both Ireland and the Irish community in the United States. He educated and he inspired, and he did so fearlessly. He built a big bridge. I cannot report that the bridge is still healthy, but the state of the bridge now is not down to him.

And second, John Scalzi, writer and  blogger (his novel Redshirts won the 2013 Hugo Award for Best Novel), and someone I have been following on Twitter during these dark days, gets nagged about writing and talking about politics, too. Here is what he has to say (a bit of strong language ahead, so be warned):

Now, here’s a hot take for you: “Entertainers” are fully-dimensional human beings who don’t exist solely to entertain you, writers in particular write professionally and/or critically about many things over the course of their career, and you suggesting that people not express themselves about politics (or anything else) because they are an “entertainer” makes you the asshole in that scenario, not them. So maybe don’t be shocked when they tell you to sod off.

So, from my perspective, we ALL need to be talking about and writing about and swimming in politics now. The more, the better. Whatever one’s bent (left, right, middle, but no alt-right, okay?). NOT discussing what has been going on all over this globe of ours is one of the problems. I give a big thumbs-up to Gabriel Byrne for always being out-spoken and unafraid. It’s one of the reasons we cherish him as a human being.


Enough of all that. It is almost time for the Holidays! And, to get you in the mood, here is the first of the Byrne-ing Holiday Wallpapers.


Enjoy this smiling, wintry Gabriel and stay safe and happy out there in the world, ok? heart




  2. Thanks for the news Stella. I agree wholeheartedly with you about the importance of dialogue in a world gone amok. Artists are citizens and have a right to speak out on issues. Gabriel has made provocative and articulate arguments over the years on important issues. It’s more important than ever for us to speak out against racism.

    • You are most eloquent, Angelle, and I appreciate your comment very much. “Dialogue in a world gone amok”–perfect description! I think that would make a great t-shirt: “Never underestimate the importance of dialogue in a world gone amok.” No picture necessary. We all know what it looks like now. Still, the holidays approach and one must hope for good will and peace. And work towards them, too. Best to you always. <3

  3. Thank you for providing all these news Stella.
    I have to say that this time the photographs with Gabriel Byrne are very different in style and expressions.
    From beautiful, expressive and natural and to a very creepy G.B. in the photo from HeidiChristina from An L.A. Minute.
    It takes a great actor to pose so differently in different roles, as a model, as natural beautiful himself or as a creepy character in a movie.

    I agree with everything Angelle writes above.

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