As the video says: What an adventure this year has been for you!

It began last Spring with your indelible performance in Long Day’s Journey Into Night, a play that brought fans from around the world to experience your art–and to get an autograph and a pic or two (this includes me!). THREE new films were released during the year: No Pay, Nudity, Carrie Pilby and Mad To Be Normal. Work progressed on Lies We Tell and a new project was started: An L. A. Minute. In between, you supported the Irish Arts Center, accepted an award or two (one from the President of Ireland!) and, oh, just to top things off for the year: you welcomed your new daughter into the world!

An adventure indeed! We are so happy for you and so proud of your achievements. Gabriel, please accept these heart-felt wishes from your admirers the world over for a brilliant birthday!

Everyone: please leave a comment below and send Gabriel your birthday wishes!

To see all of the individual Birthday Cards included in the video, visit the Byrneholics Facebook Photo Album! Thanks to everyone who participated in this year’s celebration! heart

A special card from Verónica, the Byrneholics Facebook Administrator:


  1. Dear Gabriel,

    Happy Birthday and best wishes for the year ahead from Germany,


  2. Great video with great wishes for the great person. :)
    Wishing you this kind of luck and happiness in the future again. Happy Birthday!

  3. Verónica

    Dear Gabriel,
    I hope, this time, you will watch the precious video made by Stella, with ALL our greetings to you because of your Birthday, (including 4 dogs :-) ) . Sure this day is even happier because of your new little baby and sorrounded by the people you love.
    Please, watch the video. It’s content demonstrate your Fans feeling and wishes for you in this special day. We love you, as always.

  4. Tinuviel Shaw

    Happy Birthday to my favourite actor.
    Hope you have been totally spoiled with many good wishes for a happy & healthy year ahead for you and your family.
    Today is also wonderful for me because the vet said my bunny Anubis is going to be ok after two weeks of intensive treatment.
    Love to you all.

  5. Happy birthday Gabriel Byrne. You have so much talent and charme and you care about the world around you.
    Thank you for being a person that I admire very much. Thank you for making movies that teach us to think and feel.

    Wish you and your wife and daughter a great year!

    Best wishes from Nora in Norway

    (For the moment I am in Germany)

  6. Happy day and many more!
    Take care, Kari

  7. Happy Birthday, Dear Gabriel! You are Amazing Actor and Great Man <3

  8. Michelle Ayala

    Happy Birthday to you and thank you for keeping me entertained all these years all the best to you and yours.

  9. Happy Birthday Mr. Byrne! Best wishes for you and your family and continued success in all of your endeavors.

  10. Martin RYnhart

    I went to school with Gabriel I am a few weeks older so Happy Birthday Martin Rynhart.

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