Happy Holidays to you from Byrneholics Online!

Wishing you a lovely time with family and friends, good food and holiday cheer, and no politics! wink

These holiday wishes are arriving a little late this year because, as the saying goes: I been sick. There is a superbug roaming the USA and it found me. Not the flu, exactly, but it might as well be. I’ve battled this thing for the past two weeks and am only just now getting better. And that’s why I’m running late with the holiday wallpapers for your desktop!

I have not made anything new this year, so we will have to get by with some Byrne-ing Oldies but Goodies this time.

To start, one of the first holiday/winter wallpapers I ever made, from 2008:

Next is Season One Paul, from In Treatment:

More recently, an ambassadorial holiday greeting:

Finally, three fairly recent holiday renderings to spruce up your desktop, at least until New Year’s!

I hope you enjoy these in Good Health (something I am longing to achieve!) and I wish you a belated but very Merry Christmas! I will provide some New Year’s wallpapers soon. In the meantime, party on!

Stella heart


  1. Merry Christmas to you Stella, and to all Byrneholics around the planet.

    Hope you soon will be better Stella.

    Thank you for posting the old wallpapers again. They are beautiful.

    • Merry Christmas to you, too, Nora! I am glad you like those old wallpapers–it’s rather like seeing old friends again, isn’t it? Enjoy the holidays! <3

  2. All the best to you Stella, and to Byrneholics world-wide. Glad you’re feeling better. Stunning wallpapers. Timeless and beautiful.

    Angelle from Canada

    • Thanks, Angelle. Each day I feel a bit better. Still taking lots of naps… And thanks for your kind words about the wallpapers. It always feels like the holidays have begun when I make new wallpapers, so this year was odd. On to next year! <3

  3. Verónica

    Hi Stella, long time, well it was no more than 2 weeks but I missed you and, I think, many people on Byrneholics.
    Glad you are getting better and here again.
    Thanks for your good wishes and I wish to you the same.
    As always, nice Wallpapers . Thanks.


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