Lies We Tell was one of the featured films at the second annual Nottingham International Film Festival, held October 6-8 in Nottingham, UK.

The film was well received and Gabriel won the Best Actor Award for his portrayal of Donald!

Congratulations to Mr. Byrne and to Lies We Tell !

Next up: the Mumbai Film Festival in India!

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  1. Verónica

    AT LAST!
    Gabriel made so many wonderful works since time ago and, up to now, he didn’t win any prize for it.
    He always is recognized as a great actor, but without reaching prizes, so this time justice was made!
    Personally I am so glad for him and congrats to jury who gave him this well deserved prize.
    Go Gabriel go <3

    • Yes, Verónica, it’s lovely that his work was acknowledged at this film festival. This recognition makes me want to see the film even more, and I am already excited about it, so now I’m REALLY excited to see it.

      Gabriel did win a best actor Golden Globe for his work in In Treatment. But yes–he could never win enough awards to satisfy our hearts, could he? ;-)


  2. Congratulations to Mr. Byrne on this award. Always nice to see his work recognised. Clearly this film is a must-see.

    Angelle from Canada

  3. Great news.
    Congratulations to Gabriel Byrne!
    I am sure the prize is very well deserved.

  4. Verónica

    Yes Stella, I should have commented he won the prize of Best Actor for In Treatment, and couldn’t be another actor who deserved more than Gabriel. In my above comment I wanted to refer to ALL his magnificent work he have done apart from In Treatment (my all time favorite series).
    I feel a great admiration towards Gabriel for his capability of express feelings only with his face expressions. I am no tired to say it.
    I am excited too about this new movie and hope to see it soon.

    • The body of work he has created over the years is an incredible accomplishment. Over time, more people will appreciate him. For now, we have him (mostly) to ourselves! LOL! <3

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