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Status: Released

Release Date: 2017

World Premiere at Raindance Film Festival, London

Directed by Mitu Misra; written by Ewen Glass; executive producer/cinematography by Santosh Sivan

Cast: Gabriel Byrne, Sibylla Deen, Harvey Keitel, Mark Addy, Jan Uddin, Gina McKee



When his billionaire boss dies, Donald must destroy all evidence of his enigmatic mistress Amber. Amber’s past pulls Donald into a life-and-death showdown with her gangster cousin/ex-husband. Nursing his tragic past, Donald is plunged into a world of hypocrisy, betrayal and ultimately murder, leaving an honest man broken.

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Behind the Scenes

Gabriel Byrne with Director of Photography and Executive Producer Santosh Sivan

Gabriel Byrne as Donald in the film


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