If you have been paying attention to the Gabriel Byrne interviews from Cannes and other venues over the past few years, you will not be surprised to learn that he is participating in a film project that will stream via a free service in the United States and some other countries. As he tells us, story-telling needs to move beyond the barriers of big production companies and the constraints of budgets. Stories want to be told and now there is technology that makes it so.

It is fitting that Mr. Byrne’s first real foray into the original streaming world will be a sci-fi movie!

So: No movie premiere. No theater. No lines. And in this case, no money! The story flows straight into your living room or your computer room or your telephone or wherever you are connected. How cool is that!?


Screen Daily provides the (non-spoilery) details:

Crackle, the streaming platform run by Sony Pictures Television Networks, has added Gabriel Byrne to its original feature In The Cloud from Imperative Entertainment and Automatik.

New cast-members on the latest piece of original content from Crackle include Nora Arnezeder, Justin Chatwin, Tomiwa Edun and Laura Fraser. Production is underway in London and Manchester on the 90-minute feature that the producers have targeted for a December launch.

In The Cloud is described as a high-octane, international, sci-fi thriller that takes place after dozens of people are killed in attacks by a serial terrorist bomber.

The film explores the consequences of VR and AR when used for dubious purposes and centres on two estranged tech geniuses who create a way to access the terrorist’s memories.

Robert Scott Wildes directs from a screenplay by Vanya Asher…

Vanya Asher has an Instagram account which I will be watching like a hawk over the next three months, of course. Hopeful for lots of behind-the-scenes shots, he provides this to start:



Deadline offers more (non-spoilery) story details:

In the Cloud takes place in the near future after dozens of people are killed in attacks by a serial terrorist bomber. It focuses on two estranged tech geniuses who come together to create a cutting-edge technology to thwart future attacks, but in the race to do so they inadvertently create an AI so powerful it might change the very meaning of life and death for the future of humanity.

Byrne plays Doc Wolff, an old-school New York City transplant and the brilliant mind behind the most advanced privately funded neuroscience research lab in the United Kingdom. Chatwin portrays Hale, a neuroscientist and a brash anarchist pragmatist. Edun plays Theo Jones, a brooding genius with a checkered past. Arnezeder is Z, a hardware tech guru and Hale’s girlfriend. Fraser is Ms. Mary, a grant representative for the Exer Foundation, which funds Doc Wolff’s lab.

Variety had an article about this great news as well, but I am not linking to it because they spoil the plot. Bad Variety.


So, what is Crackle, you ask?

Crackle is the free streaming platform run by Sony Pictures Television Networks. It provides films and TV series from the Sony library and other archives and also original programming, like this new Gabriel movie.

Once you visit Crackle on the web, you can register and then begin viewing content on your computer right away.

If you have a Smart TV or a device hooked up to your TV that allows you to stream, add Crackle to your list of providers and then activate it from your computer screen.

From the Crackle website:

The new ‘Always On’ experience autoplays your faves, but still lets you search and stream what you want on Roku 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Amazon Fire TV and Android TV.

Crackle is available in the U.S., Canada, Australia and across 18 countries in Latin America. Content is programmed specifically for each territory and will differ across regions. Outside of these countries, Crackle’s content is not available. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Please note: There is an embed feature which may allow me to embed this film here at the Bryneholics website for you to view, so stay tuned as I figure that out!

You can learn more about Crackle at their website and the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions page) answered all of my questions.

PS. I followed the registration and installation steps on my computer and TV (I have a Roku 3 box) at home and it worked seamlessly! So I am ready for December. Bring on Gabriel In The Cloud!

More information about the cast and crew will be available here soon. In the meantime, from our own archive, enjoy Gabriel in some wallpaper clouds. heart


  1. Thank you for all of the wonderful GB news! You are fantastic! I am going to sign up for CRACKLE!

  2. Gabriel Byrne in a sci-fi thriller ? This I gotta see! Awesome !


  3. I don’t think the film will be ready for a december release. Maybe January, february next year. I am a big fan of both Gabriel Byrne and Justin Chatwin, and i want to see them together on screen, but based on the synopsis, i think Gabriel’s role is just a cameo.

    • Thanks for dropping by, Jimmy! Have you used Crackle? I had no idea there could be so many commercials during one movie! ;-)

      I try not to spoil Gabriel’s appearances in new projects because 1.) they are sometimes supporting roles and fans want to see more of him in a film or TV series and I want them to be excited, even if the role is small and 2.) sometimes he dies. Wah!

      Anyway, we shall see what happens with this new TV series and hope for the best. <3

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