Autumn is on the way! Where I live, there are no leaves to fall because we have no trees, but there is a decidedly cooler tinge to the morning air and it is very welcome. After a quiet summer, autumn is the time to put away our past-times and get ready for the serious fun of a busy season. Mr. Byrne looks calm and relaxed up above, but he’s actually just a dynamo at rest. And autumn, of course, will bring news of his movies, television projects, and other activities.

Speaking of movie news: Check out this recent posting for an update on the Lies We Tell premiere and the film festival schedule for Gabriel’s new drama!

Happy Autumn to you!

Carrie Pilby

At last! Carrie Pilby is starring on Netflix in the USA! Check your Netflix and see if she is there.

It is such a lovely and funny film. Gabriel’s role, though small, is important. He plays Carrie’s dad, after all. And there is a (tiny) fight scene! But I will say no more. See it! heart

Also, author Caren Lissner, who wrote the book, has an in-depth article in The Atlantic Monthly: How My First Novel Became A Movie and she offers us a realistic picture of the process of turning page to film: the ups, the downs, and the in-betweens.

An L. A. Minute

Gigi de Lugo runs Tropic Heat Studios and is one of the executive producers for Gabriel’s new film, An L. A. Minute. The film, starring Gabriel and Kiersey Clemons, completed shooting last spring and we have been waiting to hear more about it. Twitter is our friend in this regard:

So! The film is going to be great, Gabriel nailed it, and now An L. A. Minute is being shopped for distribution at the Toronto International Film Festival, which just closed! Stay tuned for more news and that enticing trailer!

Here’s a promotional still for the film:

Lannan Talks

The writer Colum McCann will be talking with his friend and colleague, Gabriel Byrne, at Lannan Talks, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, on January 31, 2018.

What this entails we know not, but these two are great talkers, so it will be enlightening and informative, no doubt!

About the Lannan Foundation:

Lannan Foundation established its Literary Program in 1987 to support the creation of exceptional poetry and prose written originally in the English language, and to increase the audience for contemporary literature. Since 2001, we have also offered grant support for the publication and dissemination of works translated into English…

The foundation also produces numerous public literary events, the Readings & Conversations series, which features poets and writers reading and discussing their work.


Twitter News

It has been a reasonably quiet summer, which is nice because my Internet connection has been wacky for ages! However, there IS news and it can be found on Twitter, my go-to source because, for some odd reason, Mr. Byrne never calls me up to tell me exactly where he is or what he is doing at any given moment. But Twitter comes to our rescue! wink

On September 5, actor Emmett Scanlan let this slip:

I asked him about the project, but he never got back to me. Sigh. We must wait patiently and all will be revealed. Someday.

September 7, Gabriel could be found at the San Carlo Restaurant in Manchester, UK, hanging out with this gentleman, Francesco Stoppa (I believe he runs the place):

A slightly squinty selfie, but we are happy to have it!

The celluloid Gabriel popped up in Miller’s Crossing at the Irish Film Institute in Dublin on their Open Day, September 16. In honor of Tom Reagan’s appearance, writer John Maguire shared his stellar interview with Gabriel from 2008. Be sure to read it: it is that rare interview that illuminates new aspects of a person we think we know well.


Finally, Elena tweets a nice shot of the portraits at the Shelbourne Hotel in Dublin:

A larger version:

And the original of Gabriel, by Irish artist John Keating (and I’m reasonably sure he did the other two as well):

Keating’s technique provokes varied responses, but I find the basic structure absolutely sound and I enjoy the rough coloration. Not everyone’s cuppa tea, apparently, but count me happy. He captured Gabriel’s eyes, and that’s the main thing.

More news will be on the way soon, with completed films being released, new films starting production, and the Irish Arts Center Spirit of Ireland Gala in October. Happy Autumn to you and enjoy this Byrne-ing Fall Wallpapers! heart


  1. It would be great to see Gabriel back in the Gate in Dublin for one more show ??

    • You know, Martin, that might happen someday. He has been spending a lot of time back in Ireland and perhaps one day he will trod the boards there again. He had a great run on Broadway here in the US last year. So the stage is still important to him. Let’s cross our fingers, shall we? <3

  2. Thank you Stella for these nuggets of news. I await these upcoming films with great anticipation. Carrie Pilby is also trending on Netflix Canada.

    The portrait is impressionistic in its beauty and is revealing in its own way. I agree that Keating has captured his soulful eyes.


    • Glad to hear Carrie is in Canada, too, Angelle! I really enjoyed that film very much and Gabriel was lovely in it. Favorite line: “Borrowing a book and not returning it is the height of rudeness.” AGREE!
      Also pleased you appreciate the Keating portrait. It is kind of startling at first, but the more I look at it, the more I see. ;-)

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