Yes, fellow Halloween fiends (and friends), there is something new in the Gabriel Byrne Pantheon of Horror this year! Something really scary. Something horrific and terrifying! Something…

Well, you get the message. It’s a Fright Fest, this new film. And you guessed what it is:


Hereditary is a new Byrne-ing delight. Yikes!

I am adding this new film to the list of Gabriel’s frightening flicks for Halloween even though I have not seen it. No, I’m a wimp. I can’t make myself watch this quite yet, despite the fact that my brand-new, straight from Amazon, shiny Blu-ray/DVD/Digital package arrived earlier this week and has been sitting on my shelf, grinning at me, daring me to pop it in my computer or my TV and be frightened out of my wits! I’m not doing it. No. Not yet.


Tons of other people throughout the US, UK, and other parts of the world have seen it and most of them have enthusiastically shrieked, yelled, screamed, sighed, moaned, and cried their way through it and now recommend it highly to everyone they know. You will find these intrepid horror fans on Twitter, so don’t just take my word for it. Film critics have also declared Hereditary a great achievement, lauding its story, director, and actors, comparing it to Rosemary’s Baby and The Exorcist (both on my list of films I can’t watch anymore because they might give me a heart attack…), extolling its creativity, and praising its emphasis on family drama as much as its scariness. But oh that scariness! Yes. Everyone’s bowled over by this film.

Here’s the trailer to get you in the proper Halloween spirit!


Let’s welcome Hereditary to the Gabriel Scary Movies to Byrne Up Your Halloween list, which includes The Keep, Gothic, Stigmata, End of Days, Spider, Ghost Ship, and Vampire Academy (because vampires!). Click the links to visit the Mega Movie Pages for the films to check out the videos and pictures. This should help you choose the perfect Byrne-ing Halloween Flick to make your Halloween a shrieking and screaming success.

Or something. I’m sounding a bit stressed out here because that Hereditary package is still grinning at me from my shelf and I’m now going to end this posting and go someplace safe! Bye!

Gabriel says: I’m not scared. I like Halloween.
Stella says: I get a little carried away with collages sometimes…
This wallpaper says: Download for your desktop–if you dare!


  1. Verónica

    Stella, you are so so so funny. I laughed so hard this time.
    But you are not alone. I assure you. There are many people who don’t dare to watch Hereditary, between them, myself.
    I’m glad the film has a great success though. For Gabriel, of course, but I’ve apologized already for my absence between the non-scared people who will watch it.
    Thank you, once more <3

    • Well, Verónica, that DVD box is STILL sitting on my shelf grinning at me. I hope to gather my courage and watch it this week. Wish me luck! ;-)

      And I’m glad you enjoyed this Annual Halloween posting! Happy Halloween!

  2. I saw it he was the weirdest movie I ever seen..he was weird more than he was scary put when Toni collette smash her head on the ground it’s really freaks me out and the part when Alex wolf with his sister in the car we come to Gabriel Byrne performance a lot didn’t actually understand Gabriel’s character he was the only normal thing in the house he was the most caring father tried not let his family failing apart maybe another actor can’t success in this role put Gabriel he have the talent,he have the look,and finally he have the perfect performance..the director ari Astor he is clever to pick those great actors on one movie. Stella you should watch it very soon sure your gonna say as I say before it was the weirdest movie and the weirdest end you’re ever gonna saw.

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