Finally and at last! Lies We Tell, directed by first-timer Mitu Misra and starring Gabriel, Sibylla Deen, and Harvey Keitel, opens in theaters in the US and the UK this Friday, February 2, and also becomes available via digital HD as well.

More details about the digital HD availability will be forthcoming, I am sure, so stay tuned.

Here is the official word:


The first review from a major US outlet is a bit lukewarm, but nothing will dampen our spirits for this film! And they do have positive things to say about Gabriel’s performance… wink

The Hollywood Reporter

…Byrne gives a reliably craggy, soulfully disheveled performance as Donald, a downtrodden middle-aged divorcee working as a chauffeur to Yorkshire-based American billionaire tycoon Demi (Keitel, coasting through a five-minute semi-cameo paycheck role). Loyal and discreet, Donald routinely turns a blind eye to his employer’s clandestine extramarital assignations. But when Demi dies suddenly, he bequeaths his trusted manservant one final task: to spare his family any embarrassment by cutting all ties to his beautiful young Anglo-Pakistani mistress Amber (Australian-born rising star Sibylla Deen).

After exciting months on the festival circuit, it is lovely to see this new film officially make its debut on the big screen. Congratulations to all involved: cast, crew, and those dedicated people behind the scenes who get the word out and tease us with the tempting details! Great work, everyone! heart


  1. I don’t care about the reviews. This is a unique premise and setting for a film, with interesting characters and largely untold narratives. I will watch and decide for myself…

    Angelle from Canada

    • I agree! Gabriel’s work always finds its audience. Quirke, Secret State, No Pay, Nudity: his recent stuff has been appreciated and enjoyed by many who paid the reviews no mind.
      And, as we now know, many “official” reviewers have specific mind-sets and experiences that do not always allow them to be open to new or perhaps somewhat “quirky” work. ;-) So, I take everyone’s opinion with a BIG grain of salt and, as you say, make up my OWN mind. <3

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