I am working on postings for the IFTA Awards and The Late Late Show, organizing the tremendous response to Gabriel Byrne’s  red carpet and interview remarks, and trying to capture the best reactions to his visit to Dublin. So, all that good stuff should be ready very shortly.

However, I wanted you to know this now:

Mad to be Normal, the story of R. D. Laing and his experimental community at Kingsley Hall in London in the 1960’s, is available at Amazon and iTunes! Written and directed by the well-known documentarian Robert Mullan, this feature film was shot in London and York, with a cast including David Tennant, Elisabeth Moss, Michael Gambon, and Gabriel, of course.

Check these out:

Amazon On Demand

Amazon DVD

iTunes On Demand : go to the link, find the Store, and search the movie titles

Here is the synopsis, in case you have forgotten what this film is all about:

Mad To Be Normal reveals the story of R.D. Laing, the famous psychiatrist and one of Scotland’s greatest ever minds. Working out of Kingsley Hall in East London throughout the 1960s and 1970s, Laing performed various daring experiments on people who were diagnosed as mentally disturbed. His revolutionary methods involved experimenting with LSD on his patients and practicing a form of self-­healing known as metanoia, causing outrage and controversy in the medical profession and radically changing attitudes and perceptions of mental health around the world.

The new US trailer is in the header up above. This is the new poster:

And finally, a shot of Gabriel, who plays Jim, a challenging patient:

So, watch this new Gabriel film and I will continue writing postings! wink


  1. Wow. Can’t keep up. My friend saw this when it screened in Toronto for the Mad about the Arts event last year.


    • You friend is LUCKY! My DVD should arrive shortly. Can’t wait to see Gabriel as “Jim.” I have a feeling “Jim” is going to be a unique character in his panoply of roles!

  2. God bless you! Your postings gives confidence.

  3. Guys please to apologize.I would like to subscribe to this beautiful site. I can do it

    • Hi, Giorgia! You can subscribe to this website by entering your email address in the Subscribe Box at the bottom of the main page. Then you will receive an email whenever I publish a new posting about Gabriel. Thanks for visiting! <3

  4. Gabriel Byrne…You’re beautiful

  5. Connor Tindall

    For anyone interested in seeing this on the big screen mad to be normal will be screening at the moss theater in Santa Monica CA on may 26th, and there will be a panel of people who worked with rd Laing who will answer questions after the movie.

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