The film premieres on PBS in the United States on March 26, so check your local PBS listings!

In the meantime, Into The Night is screening at several venues:

March 1
Stranger Than Fiction, the Tuesday night documentary series at the IFC Center in New York City
Director Helen Whitney will participate in a Q&A

March 11
Green-Wood in Brooklyn, with the director and several participants from the film

March 13
KQED in San Francisco
Director Helen Whitney will be interviewed in addition to the screening of the film

More information is available at the Into The Night official website.

video clips

See more at the documentary’s official website!


  1. What a fascinating project. Will definitely look out for this. Thank you for sharing Stella. Powerful rendition of Dylan Thomas’ enduring poem. I wish the clip contained the whole poem. Could listen to Gabriel Byrne recite poetry all night. Look up his reading of Down by the Salley Gardens on youTube and tell me you didn’t shed a tear.


  2. indianacitybeer

    Thank you for this review. Sounds like an interesting book that I’d like to check out!

  3. Angelle, if you visit the doc website, you will see a couple of quotes by him from the film. I will grab those at some point, but did not want to steal their entire page devoted to Gabriel! LOL!

    And yes, I shed a tear over this:

    <3 <3 <3

  4. I was listening to a radio interview with a psychotherapist in the UK who spoke about how we don’t know how to talk about death, we don’t know how to prepare ourselves , how to have those real end of life conversations with our loved ones… All true. Apparently the Victorians had all kinds of rituals and were able to talk about death more easily. They wouldn’t talk about sex, but death was not taboo. Today we can’t shut up about sex and can’t talk about death.


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