Gabriel Byrne was the featured guest Saturday on the Second Captain’s Radio program on RTÉ One Radio in Ireland. He called in from New York City to talk about sports, and soccer in particular, the impending visit to Ireland of Pope Francis, and American politics (he sounded about as angry as I am, so that’s nice). He was funny, erudite, compelling, and as entrancing as always.

His interview starts around the 6:30 mark and continues almost to the end of the broadcast, which actually closes with Aretha Franklin singing “Respect,” a very appropriate tribute to her recent passing.

The radio clip cannot be embedded, so click this link and you should see the RTÉ Radio One Player for Gabriel’s interview.

Twitter had lots to say about this interview, as usual, with most reactions being positive. Not everyone has a soft spot in their heart for Gabriel, though,  because he is always willing to discuss touchy and controversial topics and we don’t all agree with him. I only present the positive stuff, however, because there is enough negativity in the world, I think… LOL!

And we’ll end on this high note. wink

Hear, hear! Enjoy the interview! heart


  1. Farah jones

    Very interesting and intelligent way Gabriel makes his views known. You want to carry on listening as you might actually learn a thing or two. Captivating Gabriel.

  2. Mr. Byrne is remarkably succinct on the 5 or 6 systemic problems that the Roman Catholic Church needs to address in order to be relevant. Without real change, the Church will not survive.


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