Just about a year ago, Gabriel Byrne was spotted on the set of the new Netflix series, Maniac, with star Jonah Hill and director Cary Fukunaga. Remember?

Well, that series, also starring Emma Stone and Justin Theroux, is set to air on Netflix September 21, 2018!

We have no information on Gabriel’s role in the series or in how many episodes he may appear. But we do have the first promotional image of him from Maniac:

Gabriel Byrne in Maniac

So, good guy? Nice guy? No. Probably a bad guy. We shall see!

The 10-episode series is based on the Norwegian television series of the same name and sounds very imaginative and fun–and dangerous. Check out the Projects Page for Maniac for more information and stay tuned!

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  1. Geez Stella, I come out of the back woods after a few weeks of R and R, and find these glorious nuggets of Gabriel goodness. I bet he plays a bad , bad boy in this one. He looks like a cross between The Man and Duvall …

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