Twitter is our friend, Fellow Byrneholics!

The free streaming service Crackle posted a very quick look at their new series In the Cloud yesterday.

Now we know the series will be available in February!

So, if you have access to Crackle, get ready!

Check out this Byrneholics article from September 2017 for more information.


  1. Great teaser. Looking forward to this one.

    • I was worried that Gabriel’s part might only be a cameo, but the writer, Vanya Asher, says not. So that’s good news! Still, I think his role may be short-lived, as they say. ;-)

  2. Verónica

    Well, if I am not wrong, is the first time Gabriel works on a sci-fi series. Wow ! It has to be very interesting.
    I’d like to know more about. Sure Stella will have us updated :-)

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