Gabriel Byrne was a guest on Ireland’s Late Late Show Friday night, the day after receiving his Lifetime Achievement Award at the annual IFTA Awards. He was in a reflective and serious mood during this interview with Ryan Tubridy, despite the recent honor and all the good things that are happening in his life now–or perhaps because of these things.

The result? He touched many viewers with his vulnerability, his insights, and his willingness to share his experience, the good and the bad.

And he won a whole new tribe of followers who appreciate his support for the #MeToo Movement and women’s rights in general. Gabriel is an ally for feminists and he showed his colors that night–and was enthusiastically acknowledged for it! heart

Highlights for me: describing his baby daughter playing with a shoelace; loving his friend Liam Neeson while at the same time strongly disagreeing with him; laughing about his new hit film Hereditary, a horror movie he says he will not see; and stating his unequivocal support for the rights of women everywhere. Yes.


On being honored with the IFTA Lifetime Achievement award:

On battling alcoholism–and winning:

On the #MeToo Movement:

Creating the set honoring Gabriel
Making a fan happy
How do you think when you are surrounded by your past selves?

Screen shots, courtesy of Violetta

Gabriel is always good in interviews. He has a unique way of being focused, intense, and vulnerable that draws you in. He is like that in real life, too, I have discovered. It’s the teacher in him, I expect. And the actor, too, of course. Whatever it is, it is very special and it makes listening to what he has say a rare experience. I can understand why people in Ireland are tweeting their thanks to him for this interview.

And we say Thank You, too. heart


  1. Verónica

    I watched the interview on RTE- Player. Sadly it is available until today, so it is important you’ve made little videos of some parts of it.
    And, of course, your own words and thinking, as always.
    I cannot imagine other person in front of this Main Site and don’t wont either !!!!!
    I laughted about what Gabriel said of his new film, which he will NOT watch.
    If he will not watch it, what about us? LOL
    Very nice pics and videos.
    Thank you Stella <3

  2. Thank you Gabriel for speaking out so unequivocally on the #me too movement. “The women’s movement needs to be resurgent…what we’re talking about in the end is human rights…”

    Angelle from Canada

  3. Verónica

    My info about the availability of Late Late Show was wrong.
    It will be available until March not February.
    Sorry for the mistake.

  4. I love him. My favourite movie with him is little women♡
    What’s your favourite movie?

    • Angie, TODAY my favorite film of Gabriel’s is LOUDER THAN BOMBS. Last week, it was JUST A SIGH. Tomorrow, who knows? ;-)

      I do love LITTLE WOMEN, though. It is always near the top of the list. Thanks for visiting us here at Byrneholics! <3

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