Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to indulge in champagne, chocolates, a romantic dinner–and Gabriel Byrne Movies, of course!

These films are guaranteed to put roses in your cheeks, perk up your mood, and add a spring to your step. They may also cause you to faint, so be prepared.

Just A Sigh

The French title is Le temps de l’aventure. And what an adventure it is!

Just A Sigh gets the bright spotlight because it is, without a doubt, the most romantic, soulful, mystical, intense, delicate, gentle, and sexy film Gabriel has ever made. That’s what I say. You tell me if you don’t think so.

Even his co-star, Emmanuelle Devos, almost fainted in his presence. So, of course, we will. And for all you guys out there: Pay attention. You may learn a thing or two. wink

On a seriously romantic note: It is not often we can call a film “transcendent,” but this is one of those times.

Read my essay The Doors of Heaven to learn how Gabriel made his character, Doug, come to life.

Visit the Just A Sigh Mega Movie Page for more images, reviews and interviews, and continue the romance…

So, that’s not to say Gabriel Byrne has not made any other films worthy of our time on Valentine’s Day. Here are more Byrne-ing movies to help you celebrate this very romantic day:


Run to the Siesta Mega Movie Page for more about Augustine and his Claire on a Dare.

The Man in the Iron Mask

Want more magnificent valor? Head over to The Man in the Iron Mask Mega Movie Page and discover more about d’Artagnan.

Smilla’s Sense of Snow

The Mechanic is a very mysterious man. Learn more about him at the Smilla’s Sense of Snow Mega Movie Page.

A Dangerous Woman

Debra Winger was fantastic in A Dangerous Woman, and so was Gabriel as her knight errant, Mackey. Find out more: A Dangerous Woman Mega Movie Page.

Valentine’s Day would not be complete without romantic Gabriel Wallpapers, so here they are. Enjoy! And may all your romantic wishes come true! heart

Are there other Byrne-ing Gabriel movies on your list for Valentine’s Day? Which ones? Tell us!

And Happy Valentine’s Day to Byrneholics Everywhere! heart heart heart


  1. Verónica

    WOW!!! Stella, this time you are literally killing us.
    If I do what you are suggesting and watch, not every, but some of these movies, I will end at an Hospital…
    Now, seriously, you made a very good selection, but I will add “Stigmata”, despite of it is not what we can call “a romantic movie” it has many of hidden romance, as all we know.
    Thank you for all you wrote and included for all Byrneholics in this special Day.

  2. Happy Valentine’s day to Mr.Byrne and all Byrneholics!!
    Thank you for a romantic selection of films and romantic Gabriel Wallpaper, Stella. Gabriel Byrne is fabulous and so charming, playing these roles, that it makes us literally faint.
    I would add to this list movie “I,Anna”- so powerful, incredibly touching and one of my favorite films <3

  3. I agree wholeheartedly on this list of romantic films and agree with my peers above about adding I, Anna and Stigmata. Let’s not forget Little Women . Stella, you are correct in naming Le Temps de L’aventure as Gabriel’s most intense love story.


    DEAR STELLA I am so late this time, I was very complicated with my work last month. I have the same opinion that Veronica about these movies that you send us in this Special Valentin s Day….you killed us with these and with his photographs. You make me without words …all them are very romantic and full of passion in their imagines. I want that you had a beautiful Valentine’s day too. Like ever all my gratefulness and feeling for you. The best for all that you do … for us.

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