So where are you this summer? What are you doing? Is it even summer where you are? It is where I am, that is certain!

During the dog days of summer, I think it is nice to stay indoors in the air conditioning (when it is functioning, of course) and work on behind-the-scenes website projects. So that’s what I’ve been doing–and you’ll see some evidence of this in the forthcoming Byrne-ing News. That’s how I stay connected to Gabriel Byrne when he is off filming in lovely locales (Ireland!) or taking a summer vacation.

How do YOU stay connected to Gabriel when things are quiet and there is not very much news? I wondered about that–and I had a thought.

A question, really. That turned into a challenge:

Patrick Stewart will soon return to his iconic role as Captain Jean Luc Picard after leaving the part 25 years ago. Star Trek: Picard will debut on television in 2020. This is very exciting indeed for Star Trek fans!

So I wondered: if Gabriel were to reprise a role from his past, what role would YOU choose for him to bring to life again?

I challenged Byrneholics fans on Facebook with this question. And they responded!

There were many suggestions, with lots of agreement about certain roles, but early on in the voting, Gabriel’s role as Paul Weston in In Treatment was a favorite.

Right away, Susan wanted to know what happened to Paul. So did Verónica and a bunch of other fans. Including me!

But other roles were popular, too.

Josh chose Just A Sigh, Part Deux, noting that Doug has her letter, so why not continue the story?

Father Andrew Kiernan in Stigmata received several votes, but so did Satan in End of Days!

Professor Friedrich Bhaer in Little Woman was popular–I wonder if everyone knows someone else is playing that role in the remake coming this Christmas?

Kristen was torn between Just A Sigh and Stigmata and can we blame her?

D’Artagnan in The Man in the Iron Mask was the very romantic choice of several fans of the rose.

Violetta chose another direction: “I’d like to see Dr. Quirke in other novels. I often imagine Gabriel in that role again after reading all of them” and I have to agree with that. I would love to see Quirke again. Those last three Benjamin Black novels were beautifully realized and the character is unique, enigmatic, and mesmerizing.

Carol just wanted to see him do an American television series again. Now that’s a tantalizing idea!

Karen would love to see Murphy in Ghost Ship again, but without the dying part.

Tom Reagan in Miller’s Crossing, Papa Reilly in Into The West, and Bob in Point of No Return all had their fans.

The big winner of the challenge, however, was Paul in In Treatment.

So, HBO and Gabriel, if you are listening, the verdict is in: Bring back Paul Weston in In Treatment and make oodles of Gabriel Byrne Fans happy!

Gabriel Byrne as Paul Weston in Seasons 1-3 of IN TREATMENT
Wallpaper by Stella

Note from Stella: the wonderful “hero” image in the header up above is designed by Josh, whom we thank! heart


  1. Verónica

    Stella, you are so amusing when you “tell” some story like this :-D.
    I sincerely hope that “somebody” related to Gabriel’s work, as his Managers and he himself, would see your article and notice what his Fans think.
    We know that Gabriel was very tired after his daily work in “In Treatment”, but if he would be interested, they could do the series, for example, 3 times a week and not every day or even once a week. It is my idea of course. The main thing is that we, Fans of “In Treatment”, are dieing to see Dr.Paul Weston again, this time with his real age and his real hair, not painted hair, and actual histories.
    Only one thing is fundamental here. The original script were 2 Seasons, the 3rd. was written by other authors.
    In case of refloat Dr.Weston, it would be essential a very good script, made by talented writers in sintony with Seasons 1 and 2.
    We would be VERY happy to see again Dr.Paul Weston, and not only Byrneholics but many other Fans of Gabriel.

  2. Verónica

    Sadly I cant watch the vídeo, because:

    Video no disponible
    La persona que subió este video no permitió que estuviera disponible en tu país.
    Video not available
    The person who uploaded this video did not allow it to be available in your country.

    Honestly I can’t understand these things. This is dictatorial and segregationist. I would like to know his reasons to do it.

  3. Thank you for this summer challenge, Stella. It made me think again about most of films with Gabriel and stay a bit more related to his work while we are waiting for his new, very anticipated films. For sure, I’d like to see Dr.Paul Weston in other seasons, support him and experience all the palette of feelings together with him. But after watching and reading all novels about Quirke, the one thing doesn’t let me go- I’d like to see him on screen. Each novel can be a perfect film with Gabriel in the main role. We can admire his talent to bring character to life and make this character a real person. But, whatever the next projects, I’ll be waiting for them and I wish Mr.Byrne to have more projects in future <3

  4. Hello Stella, first of all I would like to express my respect. This website is really fantastic!
    I saw Gabriel Byrne for the first time in “End of Days” in a TV review and was very impressed. Then I remembered that I knew him and that he had played in my favorite movie of “The Man in the Iron Mask”. And since then I’ve been hunting for films with him. I just finished the series “Quirke”. And I personally just think that Gabriel Byrne is like a good wine: the older he gets, the better he gets.
    I am now also connected to byrneholics on Facebook and Instagram and thank everyone for all the effort and work. You are wonderful and I wait every day longing for new posts! Greetings from Berlin, Germany.

    • Hi, Rosi! It’s always great to meet a new Byrneholic. Welcome!

      So glad you’ve been able to watch QUIRKE. It’s an amazing series. Another series for you to consider is IN TREATMENT. Gabriel is fantastic in both. I will say, though, that IN TREATMENT has lots more Gabriel (it is over 100 30-minute episodes) and he is a knock-out in the show.

      I hope you enjoy visiting us here and on Facebook and Twitter. That Instagram account is not really us, but I don’t mind. Whoever that is posts great pics of Gabriel. ;-)

      Once again, Welcome to Byrneholics! <3

  5. Paul Weston and Quirke are my favorites since he was able to delve deep into the characters. But I always look forward to his new roles.

  6. In my dreams Winona and Gabriel would be Jo and Fritz in Little Men and Jo´s boys. Louis Garrel is going to play professor Bhaer in the new version. I don´t think no one can play Fritz as good as Gabe but I still give it ago. I´v been having a little women marathon and re-read the books again so they´v been on my mind a lot. I also love Gabriel in Stigmata and many other roles.

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