Yes, Fellow Byrneholics. Another year has flown by and it is time, once again, to celebrate someone’s birthday.

Whose birthday? Why, Gabriel Byrne’s birthday, of course!

Our favorite Irishman has been a whirlwind of activity all year. He worked on several film and television projects that took him to places both exotic and not-so-exotic, including Cardiff in Wales; Bristol and other cities in England; Montreal and Ontario in Canada; mysterious places in Mexico and, in the good old USA, New Orleans and Long Island. House-hunting in Ireland was a nice way to spend the holidays with his family. Wearing his activist hat, Gabriel maintained his long-standing commitment to the Irish Arts Center in New York City by assisting with their groundbreaking and co-hosting the annual Gala. Along the way, there were bookshops to be visited and restaurants to enjoy and people seemed happy to share their sightings of the peripatetic object of our affection with us.

And now it’s time to celebrate!

Byrneholics Everywhere wish Mr. Byrne all the best on his birthday: love, family, friends, intriguing and challenging projects, great colleagues, and all the goodness that life can bring.

It’s been a fantastic year and we look forward to many more with you, Gabriel! heart

Birthday Video

Be sure to choose Full Screen for the video and turn up the volume!

Birthday Wallpaper

Gabriel’s 2019 Birthday Wallpaper, by Stella


  1. So much chocolate cake and Gabriel sweetness in the Birthday video. It’s been an incredible year! Happy Birthday dear Gabriel , and many more!

  2. Heide Pilc

    Best wishes for a beautiful birthday celebration, many more years of love and happiness.
    from your adoring fan, Heide

  3. Thank you Stella, thank you Veronica, thank you Violetta, y’all do a lot for Gabriel this man deserves But the good things in his life and I think whenever I find the perfect words I’m literally so emotional and i think I will never love a man as I loved Gabriel. god bless every part of him and all what I want and what I wish that he always be Happy always feel Healthy in himself and be safe. GABRIEL BYRNE HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND I WILL ALWAYS DO.❤️

  4. Dear Gabriel,

    Wishing you a wonderful birthday, a happy-go-lucky feeling today and always, health, love, luck, happiness and plenty moments of sunshine in your heart this coming year!

    Elf (from Germany)

  5. Happy birthday to Gabriel Byrne! Wish him all the best in the future.

  6. Verónica

    Dear Gabriel, I could call you Dear Mr. Byrne but I consider you my friend, despite that we don’t know each other personally. Hope you are having a very nice Birthday, surrounded by your loved ones and surrounded also, in imagination, by all of us, your unconditional Fans. Be happy, smile always, be kind as always and don’t use comb because if you would use it, you wouldn’t be Gabriel Byrne LOL. Hope this comment will not upset you. HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!! <3

  7. Happy Birthday, dear Mr.Byrne! I join the wonderful words from your fans all over the World! Wishing you happiness and love, strong health, new great projects and much time for your family. Have a wonderful day! ❤

  8. Happy Birthday to you, dear Gabriel! Hope your day is full of fun and answered wishes. Sending love and all the best to you.


    I am very sorry that I was not present, on such a special day for us as the Birthday of our beloved and admired GABRIEL, due to faults in my PC. Through these lines I send you today my most affectionate greetings, that you have great success in everything you undertake, and my admiration for your great dedication in making known The Art and Literature of your country in New York and the world. In my country we would need many MEN like Him…to have the place we deserve in all orders … Thank you Gabriel for all you give … Long Life, and all my recognition to your Great Path … LUZ

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