Gabriel Byrne.

In a tux.

That’s the way to ring in the New Year!

Young, dashing, and only slightly brooding
Dressed to kill, though in a bit of a fix with the bad guys
The world is in a mess, but I’m looking quite dapper
Well, hello there . . .

Top to bottom:

Dark Obsession, also known as Diamond Skulls (1989)
Smilla’s Sense of Snow (1997)
Secret State (2012)
Quirke (2013)

Happy New Year Wallpaper

Downloadable: Celebrate with Gabriel on your Desktop!

All the best to you in the New Year!

And let’s make 2020 a Byrne-ing Year to remember, shall we? heart


  1. A happy, healthy, peaceful, exciting and byrne-ing 2020 to all of you from Germany!
    A purrfect new year from my cats Simba and Nala ;-)

    • And Happy New Year to you, Elf!

      Thanks for sharing all the Gabriel Goodness that you find during the year. I really appreciate your help.

      I hope you, Simba, and Nala have a great 2020!

      Stella <3


    My Best Wishes for all of you, my Dear Stella and all my friends of Byrneholics online all around the world in the next New Year to come. Ever together to enjoy all that beautiful news about our dear Gabriel ever in action … that this 2020 brings all of you the best things for your life … all my feelings I am so grateful for these years together …..

  3. Love a man in a tux. Especially this man. Love to Stella and all Byrneholics and best wishes for a super special 2020 full of new work by Mr. Byrne!❄⚜☘❤

  4. Sorry late, but HAPPY NEW YEAR !! Hope you all had a wonderful time and safe.

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