Do some early holiday shopping and grab the Carrie Pilby Mega Movie Page now or read a bit below to discover why this movie is special!

Gabriel Byrne takes on a supporting role in a project with the same commitment, emotional investment, and care as he does the lead. It’s one of the things that makes him special–his love for his craft.

Carrie Pilby is one of those supporting role projects. In this “ambitious, upbeat and surprising comedy*,” Gabriel plays Carrie’s father, Mr. Pilby. He has four scenes. They each require a different nuance, a distinctive color. He nails them all. In the process, he brings authentic emotions into play and helps add those extra layers of drama that form the foundation for all good comedy. In other words–he’s a great dad!

But Mr. Pilby was not always a very good father. Carrie Pilby, played with real wit and understanding by Bel Powley, thinks he is quite the failure. Part of this story is about reconnecting these two and allowing them learn more about one another, so they can move beyond their old roles to the new ones that they need now. These scenes are magical.

More magic is on offer throughout this intelligent and gentle film. A great cast, including Nathan Lane as Carrie’s therapist, is combined with a sparkling script—some lines being laugh-out-loud funny, and others eliciting a knowing smile or sometimes a giggle. The core of the film is Carrie, of course, and Bel Powley captures her brilliantly.

Carrie Pilby is the perfect holiday movie–it begins at Thanksgiving, moves quickly through to Christmas, and finishes up in style on New Year’s Eve–all in New York City, the city of holiday magic. The behind the scenes pics show us that it is blasted cold in the Big Apple at this time of year, but Carrie Pilby remains warm, toasty, and just as nicely bundled up as Carrie is in her sweaters, coat, and floppy winter hat.

It took a bunch of determined women to make Carrie Pilby a reality, starting with the author of the book upon which the film is based, Caren Lissner. Susan Johnson, longtime film producer, made her directorial debut with this film. Screenwriter Kara Holden adapted the novel for the screen and a ton of women producers shepherded the film to completion. Gabriel has always been supportive of women working in film, on both sides of the camera and, as a woman who cares about movies and the women who work in them, I find it gratifying that he does not just talk a good game, but backs it up with action that is real.

The Carrie Pilby Mega Movie Page is the perfect treat: the trailer, video clips, screencaps, production stills, behind the scenes shots, quotes, posters, and more are waiting just for you, so head on over and indulge in a bit of holiday sweetness. No calories involved. And your mood will thank you! smile

Director Susan Johnson, Gabriel Byrne, Bel Powley, and
producer Suzanne McNeill Farwell hanging out in a very cold Central Park
in New York City

*Jordan Hoffman/The Guardian: Carrie Pilby review: Bel Powley impresses again as another sufferable kook, 2016


  1. I loved this film. As a mom of two smart young women, I found it enchanting. Great Mega Movie Page Stella. It is a lovely film that deserves a bigger audience. The behind the scenes photo of Gabriel with the red scarf is endearing. He hates the cold doesn’t he ? Well I can fix that.
    Someone give the man a tuque. But that would hide his gorgeous natural salt and pepper hair and we wouldn’t want to do that.

    • I’m glad you liked the MM Page, Angelle. It was a lot of fun to make. Gabriel and Bel were quite lovely in their scenes together, I thought. <3

      Bel sports a tuque throughout the movie, so if Gabriel were to wear one too, the movie would need to be re-titled "The Dueling Tuques!" LOL! And you are correct: we are NOT hiding that glorious mane of his.

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