The first production stills from Gabriel’s new television series, H. G. Wells’ War of the Worlds, have dropped! Coming to us from Urban Myth Films, the series is now in post-production, so we can continue to hope it will hit our screens later this year. It stars Gabriel Byrne and an international ensemble cast and is comprised of 8 one-hour episodes.

From all of the publicity so far, this looks like a well-crafted contemporary re-telling of the Wells story: chilling, gripping, and quite serious in tone.

The pictures tell a slightly different story though . . . wink

As you can see in the very first production image for the series above, our hero is intensely investigating something important, but all I can see is what looks like an overhead projector next to him and this does not instill confidence, does it? Right. These people are doomed!

Well, there might be more cutting edge technology than we thought! Here Gabriel is full of lights (or someone is targeting him–not sure which) and he is either riding or being stranded in an elevator with Elizabeth McGovern, who plays his ex-wife in the series. This could be awkward…

Whew! Made it out of the elevator, grabbed a shopping cart (?), and now headed off purposefully to do something or other, with Elizabeth McGovern and a friend in tow (See them back in the back there? Click on the image to make it bigger. There. Now you can see them!). Things are looking disheveled, which I suppose is to be expected when aliens come knocking unexpectedly on Earth’s door, but we trust our intrepid protagonists will at least make it out of this building in one piece!

Or maybe not… !

More stills indicate the story takes place in multiple locales, so obviously someone makes it out of that building!

About the story, Gabriel says:

“We live in an age of anxiety; identifiable fears are endemic to the culture. H.G Wells understood collective subliminal and unconscious fear,” said Gabriel Byrne, leading the ensemble cast. “In literature, dystopian novels and science fiction has been a safe place for us to deal with collective terror. But what Wells also understood is that the greatest threat is not from out there, but from inside ourselves, and we see in this new telling of the story; a warning that it is only our own humanity that will save us.”

Spoiler TV

That was characteristically thoughtful and illuminating and hints at the tone of this telling of the classic H. G. Wells novel.

And that’s all there is at the moment. Stay tuned for more soon and do keep these beleaguered folks in your thoughts, okay? They are going to need all the help they can get! heart


  1. Thanks for the update Stella. Can’t wait to see this ! I think setting the story in a contemporary setting is brilliant.

    • I was waiting for someone to comment on this update and leave it to you, my Canadian friend, to be the one. Thank you! ;-)

      Another friend, who prefers to remain anonymous, responded that this posting was FUNNY! I had hoped that others would find it so, but not so much, apparently. I sound churlish, I know, and I realize it is summer and people are off doing summery things, but… WAH! I’m so excited, as are you, Angelle, for this new contemporary-setting WOTW and to see Gabriel and Elizabeth together on screen! And I want others to be excited, too!

      Anyway, it will be out someday soon and we will be scared and happy. Thanks for being a loyal Byrneholic, Angelle. <3

  2. Stella, your post was indeed funny, not in a hahaha way, but you poked a little fun at all the serious faces, which made me smile. I hope it all ends well for our heroes Elizabeth and Gabriel.
    I was by a lake with sketchy internet, so could only comment when I returned to the city. Enjoy the long hot summer!



    • Thanks for your comment, Luz! It’s always nice to see you here.

      Here is the English translation of your comment:

      “Deep are the words of Gabriel, with which this film concludes. Our internal and external fears–he is always knowledgeable in what he says. All my admiration…”

      Stella <3

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