Update Friday, September 6

The reviews are coming in after a successful premiere last night, but I must admit my Italian is operatic in nature and I have no patience for Google Translate. The gist of what I am seeing, though, is that the series is AMAZING, based on the screening of the first two episodes. Also: “Gabriel Byrne is great in it.”

This series is going to be lit.

Andrea Riseborough was quite stunning on the Red Carpet and everyone seemed to be having a stellar time!

Andrea Riseborough and Dane DeHaan

An observation by director Stefano Sollima during the Press Conference helped me realize why Gabriel would have been interested in this project:

The director of this year’s festival thought Gabriel was attending. Something must have happened, but I imagine it was something work-or-family-related. He has several projects coming out now and he might have had to show up for one of those instead of us. Post-production schedules are tight and if you are called on, you must answer. War of the Worlds, Lost Girls, and Death of a Ladies’ Man are all in post-production, as far as I know, and any of them could require his presence to meet their deadlines.

Or he could be vacationing and missed his flight. smile

So, that’s that. While we are all very happy to see the series get off to a rousing start and on our screens in early 2020, we are sad and disappointed that our favorite Irishman was nowhere to be found. È la vita.

A watery Venice. You’re crying. I’m not crying.
[Image discovered on Twitter]

PS. Great fan-made poster, by Gerardo Lisanti, who gave his permission for me to share his work with you:

Update Thursday, September 5

It was a beautiful night, full of stars. But no Gabriel Byrne.

The Red Carpet for the premiere of ZeroZeroZero

Mr. Byrne did not attend the Press Conference. No idea if he will appear for the Red Carpet, but it does not seem likely. Let’s wait and see!

The ZeroZeroZero Panel, including author Roberto Saviano (second from left) and director Stefano Sollima (between Dane DeHaan and Andrea Riseborough)
Dane, Stefano, and Andrea

Official Schedule of Events

2:30 pm  Press conference of the film ZeroZeroZero

10:15 pm  Red carpet of the film ZeroZeroZero

No word yet on Gabriel’s attendance. Cross your fingers!

Check below for streaming and time zone info! heart

Will I be there? Wait and see!

September 4

The Press Conference and Red Carpet for the premiere of ZeroZeroZero at the Venice International Film Festival will be Thursday, September 5.

I think. The premiere of the first two episodes of the new series is set for Thursday at 10:00pm Venice Time. That is the only event time that has been published so far.

Venice Time is ahead of North America by several hours, meaning afternoon and evening activities there will take place in the early morning and afternoon hours in the US.

Visit the Current Time in Venice webpage to see how your time zone compares.

So, depending on where you are, you must make plans accordingly if you want to watch these events.

These events that I am not sure are actually happening, but I’m relatively certain they will. wink

Interest in this new series is running high now!

Roberto Saviano, the author of the book upon which the series is based, has arrived at the festival now:

Hoping to see Gabriel Byrne, Dane DeHaan, Andrea Riseborough, director/producer Stefano Sollima and many more tomorrow!

Congratulations to ZeroZeroZero on this premiere and Buona Fortuna to all! heart

What’s the Rumpus? A Premiere? Wonderful!


  1. Verónica

    Thanks for the info Stella. For example when in Venezia is 10.00 p.m. in Argentina is 5.00 p.m., so we are lucky because is in the afternoon.
    Hope to see Gabriel there (Please…) :-)

  2. For my sake I really hope that Gabriel is coming to the premier.. also Hi Ver hope you see this and hope you’re doing ok.❤️

    • Verónica is doing fine over at the Facebook Page.

      We don’t know what happened to Gabriel, and it is sad he was not there, because it looked like a really special evening!

  3. Wanted: Gabriel Byrne. Hi I’m an italian fan of Gabriel Byrne’s. I’ve been watching all the news of the italian tv, all channels! Where on earth is he? And how come they have shown some scenes with him and He wasn’t even mentioned? Is He coming or not? I do hope so. Angie

    • Sorry, Angie, but Mr. Byrne did not attend any of the ZeroZeroZero events at Venice Film Festival as far as we know. It is rather mysterious that no one mentioned him at all when he is a major part of the series. I’ve seen a few postings on Twitter noting how amazing the series is and how good he is in it. So, I don’t know. The director of this year’s festival thought he was attending. Something must have happened, but I imagine it was something work-related. He has several projects coming out now and he might have had to show up for one of those instead of us. We’ll see. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this website. Please explore! And I think I’ll copy some of my response here into the posting above so everyone has an idea of what happened–or did not happen, in this case. Thanks! <3

  4. Thank you so much for your answer! I love your website and I’ve been following it for about two years. I think it’s very good and well organized. I’ll surely be following it and thank you for your kindness and the way you keep us fans updated. I share your opinion about this series. Let’s keep in touch ☺♥️. Angie

    • You are welcome, Angie! I’m glad you are enjoying the website. And thanks for your kind words.

      My goal is always to keep everyone updated on Gabriel’s activities and I have a lot of fun doing that.

      He has so much stuff coming out soon–we will be in Gabriel Heaven with TV series and movies!

      Have a great weekend! <3

  5. Kathy E.

    I wish him well, even without getting a small glimpse of how he’s doing, or what’s happening, hoping to catch some bit of updated news. Thanks for all you do Stella.



    • Alessandra, you saw the two episodes at Venice? WOW! You are so lucky! Like you, I’m excited to see it. If we are lucky, just a few more months to wait…

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