The Irish Arts Center in New York City is a cause dear to Gabriel Byrne’s heart. We have watched him preside over galas, make stirring speeches, smile for the camera, expound on video, and show up for building tours, with and without his hard hat. He is a tireless advocate for the Center, and not only for its new building or its traditional musical and stage offerings.

Gabriel has seen the future and, while he might not incorporate digital into his daily life very much (except for his phone, apparently), he knows that the virtual world is upon us. The Irish Arts Center shares his view, making virtual learning and engagement a key aspect of its new building plans.

One positive outcome from the awful pandemic that is enveloping the real world is the push to move ourselves and our work, play, and education online and the Irish Arts Center paves the way by making 26 classes in music, step dance, Irish language, play-writing, and storytelling available online starting April 13.

Their most recent mailing addresses this issue of the pandemic and ways to deal with it eloquently. I have taken the liberty of capturing that message and presenting it to you here. Work on the new building might be on hiatus for a bit, but work in the digital world continues!

Consider taking advantage of these virtual learning opportunities if you are interested. Also consider supporting the Irish Arts Center as it continues to grow and expand its reach into the future. heart

Showing off the new building, which is about 60% complete now, in 2016.

We hope you are keeping safe and well. Our hearts are with you, our audience, our artists, and our community, even if we can’t see you and share the warmth of the Irish Arts Center experience in person. Soon enough we will. 

As Governor Cuomo has said so eloquently: “In this much time.”

Meanwhile, we are delighted to offer you the opportunity to engage in Irish arts and culture through virtual learning and engagement. Our spring term of online classes begins the week of April 13. If you would like to join our student community with a friend, email us for a 20% discount. Click here for more information, to register, apply for a scholarship, or make a donation.

In the coming days, we will announce new strands of digital programming to help sustain us all through the spring. Stay tuned for that.

Finally, with our warmest wishes for peace and serenity, we send you into the weekend with one of our favorite poems by Derek Mahon.

Gabriel says:
Stay home! Wash your hands! Call your mother!
And support the Irish Arts Center!

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  1. I loved this message and the poem. When it landed in my email yesterday, I shared it with my colleagues. We also continue to work to support artists and cultural workers. Their’s is a precarious situation in the gig economy as they bring light and truth to our lives. We must not let the pandemic silence them. Support your local health care workers AND your local artists for a better, brighter and healthier world.

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