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Shine Your Light is a 5 minute video shared by RTÉ via the RTÉ Player.

It’s a lovely poetic and musical tribute to Ireland during a time of crisis and includes a song by Sinéad O’Connor. This is only available for a few weeks, so head over and watch!

Gabriel does not appear in it. You can hear his voice in the video announcing the event, which is in the header above.

Glen Hansard and Colm Mac Con Iomaire appeared on the Late Late Show in Dublin April 10. They performed two songs: “Leave A Light” and “Falling Slowly.” The first song is particularly moving, I think. Enjoy them both. heart

Stay tuned for more content from RTÉ in the coming days.

April 10

We are all doing our part, yes?

Washing our hands. Staying home as much as we possibly can. Wearing masks, mostly home-made, in public. Sneezing and coughing into our elbows and then washing our darned hands again! Staying the regulation six feet away from everyone else when we do go out–even in the rain. In Wisconsin. To vote after waiting in line until 11:00 pm. Don’t get me started.

And there are fun and/or productive things to do with all that home time, yes? Feel free to share your favorite projects/accomplishments/time-wasters in the comments!

And here is something fun to do in solidarity with our friends in Ireland, home of our favorite Irishman:

RTÉ is calling on the Irish public to come together to shine a light this Saturday at 9pm to create a moment of solidarity in our battle against the Covid-19 pandemic. 

President Michael D. Higgins and his wife Sabina are set to shine their light from the Áras.

Government buildings will light up with a host of national and local public buildings across the island shining their beacon lights, along with Irish embassies and missions around the world…

The campaign has already secured widespread support from the creative and cultural community with Gabriel Byrne, Sinéad O’Connor, Glen Hansard, Saoirse Ronan, Colm Mac Con Iomaire, Paula Meehan and Marie Mullen all joining with RTÉ in the call for this public moment of solidarity as we join together to shine a light through the darkness.

RTÉ will be creating special content on TV, radio and online to mark this coming together and share our moment of light during what is a dark time for many.

Read the entire article and get your light in the window: a safe candle, a torchlight, a hurricane lamp. Drag out the Christmas lights if you want.

This is a global pandemic, after all. Let’s treat it like one and all shine our lights TOGETHER!

Listening to Gabriel’s voice in this video is truly a balm for the soul, as Angelle would say:

Stay tuned for more content and news as it becomes available. Looks like there will be more good stuff coming our way over the next few weeks.

Until then, light up your Saturday night and Sláinte to all of you! heart

Gabriel Byrne in Mad to Be Normal
Wallpaper by Stella


  1. Love the sentiment and the videos. Lately I’ve watched so many amazing and powerful choirs, balcony songs, clapping, clanging, lighting of candles – to show solidarity.

    Right now our seniors and elders are suffering so … let’s do whatever we can to help them, and give them hope and sustenance. Check in on your elderly neighbors, friends and family. You could save their life.

    • I agree about the shows of solidarity–so much music and poetry and sharing going on now! I suppose it’s only right for a global pandemic to evoke a global response!

      And thanks for mentioning seniors and elders. On Twitter, I call myself an “Old” and I am one, but there are many far older than I who need our help and support. Isolation is hard for everyone, but it can be incredibly difficult for older people. So give the seniors in your family and your community a phone call or send an email. See how they are doing. That would be a lovely gift, from you to them. <3


    Dear Stella, It is never so late to say thank you. THANKS for these beautiful songs of Sinead O’Connor, and the special voice of our dear Gabriel … really his words reach our hearts in this pandemic all around the world. And are very special your words, to call and be near our grandfathers. This is my work. I assist persons of different ages and conditions and this work makes me very happy ….this is the reason I write so much later sometimes, but ever with all my feelings for all of you. Thanks for being there … LUZ

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