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Festival Director Sheila O’Reilly was very helpful, answering questions and providing information. It was a treat to assist her with getting the word out about the festival.


Journalist Mia Colleran was in Dublin, while Gabriel was actually being broadcast from Maine, according to festival organizers. Their conversation began quite seriously, with focused questions about Gabriel’s book, his literary influences, and related topics. By the end, though, both had found their funny bones and some hilarity ensued, which made it all the more special for fans–we had been missing his smile and during this session, we got that smile, plus some laughs to boot! smile

fan questions

Gabriel answered two questions sent in by fans and guess what? They were both from Byrneholics! heart

Memory and perspective are often influenced by one’s sense of belonging. How did you deal with this challenge as you reflected on your early lived experiences in Ireland, after living in the USA for many years?

Writing and acting are both creative endeavors that require specific talents. Most people only do one. What differences did you discover as you went from one process to the other? What was that journey like, from acting to writing and then back to acting again?

Yeah, that Stella is yours truly. He gave thoughtful answers to both of our questions, too!

the closing poem

Gabriel has mentioned Wordsworth’s “Tintern Abbey,” (its full title is “Lines Composed a Few Miles above Tintern Abbey, On Revisiting the Banks of the Wye during a Tour. July 13, 1798“) more than once during these virtual conversations about his book. The Abbey is on the Welsh side of the River Wye, and I wonder if being “trapped” in Wales, while filming his latest project under pandemic rules, had reminded him about that great “conversation poem.” And here’s another Welsh connection: near the end of this discussion with Mia about his book, Gabriel read a portion of “Fern Hill,” by Dylan Thomas, “a joyous celebration of childhood innocence and its inevitable loss, a poem which Dylan described as a poem ‘for evening and tears’ …”

Read the entire poem at

We’re in Dingle, Ireland and now we want to travel to Wales, too, don’t we?!

end with the beginning

The video began with the traditional song “As I Roved Out,” performed by Teresa Horgan and Matt Griffin, and included some memorable aerial photography of the Dingle Area.

Being in Dingle for the Dingle Literary Festival, seeing the sights, talking with the authors, sitting in on the sessions, breathing that air, would indeed be wonderful.

Watching and listening to Mia and Gabriel discuss his new book in creative and incisive ways as part of the virtual Dingle Literary Festival for 2020 was wonderful, too.

Thanks to all involved for bringing that unique experience to our screens and for making the festival something for everyone around the world to enjoy! heart


  1. I’ve only been to one similar festival before this. Las Cruces, NM had one. I met the author of the book Dangerous Minds was based on. It was so nice to be able to “go to” this one and hear from Gabriel about this book, and Mia is delightful herself. It was priceless, and a nice moment in an awful year. XO XO

  2. I did enjoy the interview. Great to hear him laugh. I can’t wait to read his book!

  3. It was a great evening with Dingle Literary Festival and to hear about Walking With Ghosts.
    Mia and Gabriel had great chemistry on this long distance event, and I loved to listen to both of them.

    Yesterday I got my copy of Walking With Ghosts in my mail box, and I am now enjoying to read this autobiography.
    I want to read it fast, fast, but on the other side I want to read it slow, slow to enjoy Gabriels poetic and sensitive way of describing people
    and landscap from his life. To read his book is to learn about life, and I like his philosophical mind very much.

    It is many things to like about Gabriel Byrne but we are blessed with the fact that he is a great writer too.

    (What was it with the lemon…?)

    Nora from Norway


    Dear Stella, Really it was a wonderful moment with our dear Gabriel. Sometimes is very difficult for me follow him when he speaks quickly but … I Enjoyed this conference so much. He looked so tired … don’t doubt that it is for all his activities in the middle of this situation all around the world … and his cares. Thanks for this special poem … I was trying to write it, it is wonderful and very emotive … of course so much when he read it … The next for me is to buy his book, thanks for his photographs and the best for you for all that you do for all us … all my feelings …

  5. Congratulations Dingle Lit on a fabulous event! Loved every moment, and the opening film was breathtaking. Bravo. Stella, those screencaps of the interview are absolutely lovely!

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