Blurb (noun): a brief advertisement or announcement, especially a laudatory one.

And here’s a great one for Gabriel’s new book, Walking With Ghosts, from Barry Egan, whose article for the Sunday Independent sits behind a pay wall, but I got lucky:

… And, he tells me, he has a book coming out later this year which will deal with every aspect of his life, dark and light. That long awaited tome will be one of the publishing events of the year.

Huzzah! Or other happy noises! This book is sounding more and more like the one for which we have been pining, doesn’t it?

Walking With Ghosts is scheduled to come out in November. I’m scouring the website of the publisher, Picador, for news (and hoping breathlessly for a book tour, but in the age of pandemics, that is probably not happening, is it?), so stay tuned!

Here’s a screen grab of the part of Mr. Egan’s article that we really care about AND I replaced a pic of Barry Egan with one of Gabriel by another Barry (photographer Barry McCall) because reasons. Sorry, Barry E. As you say yourself: We take Gabriel. heart

Of course, I had to celebrate! So here’s a little pic to brighten up your desktop for Spring. wink

PS. This is NOT the book cover for Gabriel’s new book. It is just something I’ve made until the real cover becomes available. Enjoy! –Stella smile


  1. Thank you for sharing this wonderful news.

    Gabriel Byrne is a great personality, a wonderful actor and a gifted writer. I am looking so much forward to read his new book!

    I have tried to post a comment before, but that did not work so I try again.

    Nora from Norway

    • I’m looking forward to reading it, too, Nora!

      I’ve been re-reading his first book, Pictures In My Head. Sometimes I think he should have been a writer. His style and voice are unique. It always feels like he could write fiction effortlessly.

      Glad he chose acting, though. And producing. AND writing. And… He really has done it all. <3

  2. We have been waiting patiently for this book.
    Soon we will be rewarded.

    • Yes! Earlier descriptions made the scope of the book sound limited.

      This description from Barry Egan sounds amazing. I’m excited even more now, if that is at all humanly possible.


    I am so anxious like all of you to have the possibility to read his book. I have a great admiration for this man who is actor, writer, director, who made so many important films of different forms and whose personality is strong, sweet, charming, the father, the hero, and gave us some statement about the life in each of the roles that he did ….I am sure that his book will be an absolute success, with many lessons about life …

    All my feelings for all of you in this moment with this virus all around the world. The Light of GOD for all of you.

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