A Night In with Gabriel Byrne

I know. Makes you swoon, doesn’t it?

Well, take a seat, have some tea, calm down, and pay attention!

Fane Productions UK invites you to “A Night with Gabriel Byrne,” a live-streamed conversation presented on November 16 at 20:30 pm. UK time:

Join Gabriel for this exclusive event as he shares an exquisite portrait of an Irish childhood and a remarkable journey to Hollywood and Broadway success. From leaving home at eleven years old to join a seminary in England and train as a Catholic priest, to finding a haven in the local cinema where he could finally an imagine a life beyond the grey world of ’60s Ireland.

In conversation with Una Mullally, Gabriel will explore how the theatre and poetry of Dublin’s streets inspired an extraordinary forty-year career in film and theatre. Moving between sensual recollection of childhood in a now almost vanished Ireland and reflections on stardom in Hollywood and on Broadway, he will also courageously touch upon his battle with addiction and the ambivalence of fame.

This is a ticketed event, so visit the Event Webpage and get your tickets NOW!

You also have the option of purchasing a copy of Gabriel’s book, Walking With Ghosts, which will be delivered to you. I don’t think there are any autographed copies, but you can always ask!

Una Mullally is a wonderful writer and interviewer. She writes for the Irish Times and is a well-known broadcast journalist in Ireland. I am sure this conversation with Gabriel will be lively and fun!

Stay tuned for more Gabriel Book News as it happens. heart


  1. It sounds great.
    I am so much looking forward to read Walking With Ghosts.
    But I am sure it must have been difficult to grow up in Ireland with what
    GB experienced.

    • This book will be such a gift to us all. I cannot wait to read it. I am glad that he has been able to put his experience into words for us–it’s important for him AND for us that he does this.

      The world got a great actor in Gabriel Byrne, but I feel we missed out on a great writer. This book will make me feel better. :-) <3

  2. Doreen (Chicago)

    Thank you for passing on the information to us, Stella!

  3. Thank you for sharing this special night Stella. I too have wondered what would have been if he pursued writing instead. Twenty five years between books is a long time to wait. But Mr. Byrne has accomplished so much in those intervening years. Meaningful activism; producing important Irish films like In the Name of the Father; roles in blockbuster and notable independent films; creating unforgettable, layered characters in the critically-acclaimed In Treatment and Quirke; Cultural Ambassador for Ireland; taking Broadway by storm headlining three stellar productions from the Eugene O’Neill canon, (all of this work so thoughtfully presented by Stella on this site) Who knows, perhaps some fiction or poetry is on the horizon ? Let’s hope so.

    • Thanks for the compliment, Angelle, and for the reminder that Gabriel the writer would have meant the loss of all that incredible work in the arts. Certainly he could have served as Cultural Ambassador, but to trod the boards and stare down the camera AND publish regularly? Not likely. We would have missed so much of the stuff for which I am so thankful. So, let’s hope for reincarnation, shall we? That’s not too much to ask, I hope. ;-)

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