November 12 is the day! Officially published in the UK, Ireland, and Europe, Walking With Ghosts, Gabriel’s new memoir, will be available to read in multiple formats, including as an audiobook.

Picador, an imprint of Pan MacMillan, publishes Walking With Ghosts and you can read more about the book via their webpage.

Events surrounding Gabriel’s new book include an online conversation with Una Mullaly November 16 and Gabriel’s discussion with Mia Collera at the Dingle Literary Festival, an all-virtual event this year, on November 20.

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For those interested in the audiobook version of Walking With Ghosts, it appears that Gabriel has indeed narrated his book, but we will need to verify this.

One blurb at the Picador page for the book that you may not have seen:

And we say YES to that: Gabriel Byrne is definitely somebody we are glad to know! heart


  1. I have preordered his book om Amazon.
    I am so glad that he has written a new book.
    He is a great personality, and has so much to share, and I am so glad
    he does it on paper!
    He is just a great inspiration, and he really has a gift for storytelling and writing.
    He is a real Irishman!

  2. Got to order it. I’m sure it’s a great read. Thanks Stella!

  3. I have pre-ordered it through my local independent bookstore.
    Sadly, it won’t be available in Canada until January however I look forward to more reviews and interviews with Mr. Byrne as he shares more about the book and writing in general.

  4. I had read Pictures In My Head, waiting for him to write more. So I have kind of been waiting, about half my life, knowing and hoping there would be more of his story I’d finally get to know. Now waiting a few more days, or months, after waiting years…feels so difficult. I want to read this right now. I want to listen to this right now. Wow am I a selfish impatient fan or what? I do appreciate that he’s decided to let the world get to know these deep parts of who he is. If you see this, Gabriel , thanks for sharing this part of the private you, publicly. You have so much courage, I want to live as much courage as you do.


    I have no doubt that he will have the best success with his book. I am very anxious by this event and I wait to see it without any problems on my PC. And of course to buy his book now and I hope to find his first book too … if it is available, in any way. I shall ask you Stella if it is possible and what I need to do … thanks to you …

  6. I have this book now…starting to read it…I skipped ahead a little. I do that. I’m one that looks for spoilers. So, if you didn’t buy this yet…get this book. If you know somebody that’s a Byrneholic, give them this book. If you’re reading this and you are Gabriel Byrne…I don’t even know you but I am so proud of you for making this book. Be brave, be proud, be a beautiful human being and don’t let anything stop you. Ever.

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