Publisher’s Weekly has some cool news for readers in the US:

Actor and producer Gabriel Byrne sold a memoir titled Walking with Ghosts to Grove Atlantic. Elisabeth Schmitz and Katie Raissian took U.S. and Canadian rights from Anna Stein at ICM Partners. Ghosts, which is slated for January 2021, is, Grove said, “a portrait of Byrne’s childhood in Ireland and the journey that brought him to some of the most iconic roles in theater and on screen.”

Is this a temporary cover for the US edition,
or the final version?
Not sure yet!

A visit to Grove Atlantic yields no information.

Yet. They have lots of useful information about all of their books and authors on their website, however, so I’m sure Gabriel and his book will be included as the publication date draws nearer.

Amazon, however, has this to say:

“Make no mistake about it: Walking with Ghosts is a masterpiece. A book that will wring out our tired hearts. It is by turns poetic, moving, and very funny.”—Colum McCann

Walking with Ghosts is a courageous examination of the painful and formative experiences of how Byrne became who he is today. With poetic sensibility he recalls the people, landscapes and culture that have influenced his life and work. Defiantly original, this is both a candid exploration of the ambivalence of fame, and a lyrical often heartbreaking account of boyhood in an Ireland now largely disappeared.

That description is so enticing.

The Kindle edition will be available January 12, 2021. That is the only edition information they provide at this time, but I’m sure there will be a hardback version as well.

So, UK gets The Book in November. USA will have it in January. That’s how this is shaping up at the moment.

And we will all be happy!

Stay tuned for more news as it becomes available. This is a wonderful achievement for Gabriel and I know we are all excited for him and waiting with great anticipation to read this next installment in the compelling story of his remarkable life.

And I’ve always loved this portrait of him.

Gabriel Byrne by Jerome De Perlinghi


  1. I am so happy about the fact that Gabriel Byrne has written this book!

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