Gabriel is in Wales, filming Season 2 of War of the Worlds. He knew we were worried about him being on set during the time of the pandemic and he wanted to say “Hi!” to everyone, so he did!

Be sure to turn your sound up and hit the Full Screen button so you can see him better.

Enjoy and say “Hi” back to him in the comments! heart


  1. Lovely message from a lovely man.

  2. This is a message to say thank you.

    Thank you to Stella for giving us this wonderful place called Byrneholics.

    Thank you to Stella for her work to make Byrneholics a place where it is possible to find information about all the wonderful work Gabriel Byrne has done and is doing as an artist, actor, writer and as a man who is not afraid to talk about difficult and important things in our lives and in the world.

    Last but most of all:

    Thank you to Gabriel Byrne for sending this very kind message to Stella and us.
    I got tears in my eyes when I heard his kind words. I felt so happy that he understands that we are kind people. I have had so much joy of seeing him on screen. And I have learned so much from him by listening to interviews he has given or reading things he has written.
    For me he is a great personality with a warm heart and a man that has much wisdom to share.

    Thank you so much Gabriel Byrne for sending this message to us. It made a difference in my life that you did that!

    Looking forward to reading Walking with Ghosts.

    Nora from

  3. Farah Jones

    Hi Gabriel. Great to see you. After working continually for the NHS on the front I’m now in Wales taking a break. Keep safe and keep doing your fabulous work. Looking forward to your new book too. Your words are inspiring after such a hard year and difficult times for us all. I’ve seen so much loss with covid you have lifted my heart. Thank you and take care.

  4. Thank you Stella for sharing this sweet,
    humble message. Thank you Gabriel for recognizing the generosity of Stella’s amazing social media presence supporting your artistic oeuvre and also your activism, which inspires many. I was privileged to see your mesmerizing work on Broadway in June 2016, and shared that experience here. It’s a great place to share thoughts and ideas.
    Having read “Pictures in my Head” a few years ago, I am really looking forward to “Walking with Ghosts”. Is there a Canadian publisher? Any news on the release of your film Death of a Ladies’ Man ?
    I admire your work and am inspired by your activism and support of the arts.
    Thank you for taking the time to reach out.
    Angelle from Canada

  5. Thank you for sharing this video message!
    It’s so good to hear that he’s well off. Covid tested every morning is really not funny. We start school on Tuesday and we are also tested to avoid infecting the kids. But if you burn for your job, no matter if acting or teaching – sometimes almost the same – we have to accept the inconvenience.
    I’m looking forward to your new book! “Pictures in my head”, I read some years ago, was a wonderful book. I was so charmed by the quality of narration.
    Thank you Gabriel for the greetings. Stay healthy and take care.
    Barbara from Augsburg, Germany

  6. Dear Mr Byrne, thank you for your warm words to Stella and us fans. It’s really very nice to know that you are well and healthy. This is a matter of the heart for me. Because when I know that you are well, I’m well.
    Of course I’m also very much looking forward to your new book “Walking with Ghosts” and the second season of “War of the Worlds”. To be honest, I can hardly wait to hold your book in my hands.
    I hope you enjoy all your activities and that you stay healthy!
    Warm regards
    Rosi from Germany

  7. Stella/Mr. Byrne, Thank you so very much for sharing this wonderful heart felt message to all of the members of Byrneholics! I am looking forward to the new book WALKING WITH GHOSTS as well as the new films and tv series (In Treatment 4?). It has been a very difficult last six months- what a world we live in.
    Please stay safe and stay healthy!
    Mary from Minneapolis,MN

  8. Thanks Stella for sending the message along to us. You do so much hard work for us, so again thanks for that.
    Thank you Mr.Byrne for taking the time to send us a message. I live in the northwoods of MN and shows are slow to reach us. I just started with season 1 of War of the Worlds. Very good so far. Well, take care and safe. ❤

  9. Doreen (Chicago)

    Lovely message from a wonderfully talented actor, but more important, from a genuinely earnest and inspiring man, who shows great kindness to his fans. Not just with this message, but with his unselfish sharing of time after many Broadway shows, I’m sure many nights tired but always willing to greet us. Thank you Gabriel Byrne and God Bless you and your family!

  10. Karen Blower

    Thank you for sharing that Stella :) Thank you too Mr Bryne for taking the time to say hello. I haven’t watched all of War of the Worlds 1 yet, but I have really enjoyed the episodes I’ve seen so far. The book is on my Christmas list! Take care x


    His message is very kind and emotive. It was a great surprise for me when I opened my PC and saw it. I am so far away, but this message makes me feel so near you. All of us have a great feeling for this special man and actor, who always lives in our hearts. I am very happy that he and you, Stella, have good health and I hope we can always enjoy your news through these pages. My best feelings to for all of you . . .

  12. Lic.Gracy Prado

    Queremos agradecerle por sus palabras y por todo lo que significa y significó para nuestras vidas con ese regalo maravilloso que es el cine. Gracias por haber elegido ser actor. Thanks for In treatment, soy psicóloga y esa serie fue de un nivel excelente. Thanks and congratulations for you

    Translation by Google and Stella:

    We want to thank you for your words and for all that they mean and have meant for our lives with that wonderful gift that is cinema. Thank you for choosing to be an actor. Thanks for In Treatment. I am a psychologist and that series was of an excellent level. Thanks and congratulations to you.

  13. Terri Alter

    Thank you. This is my 1st time here. It’s a relief to see there is daily testing. In Bexar County TX only people with symptoms could get tested. Now the other tests are back for all, for free. Hi Mr. Byrne. So happy to see your video and that you are well. I read Pictures and have ordered this one from UK because they had signed ones. I just watched Secret State and enjoyed it so much. Finding this video made my day, it’s been gloomy lately. Thank you Mr. Byrne.

  14. Michelle Lekas

    We are not just a small group!
    The web is sooo busy and you have thousands of serous fans.

    Even with the reboot of IN TREATMENT, your show has re-energized and it’s amazing!

    My students are into it (and HEREDITARY) and they are mostly in their 20s.

    Have a great time emerging from CoVid!

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