May 12! This Gabriel Byrne birthday is what the pundits call a “milestone” birthday. I don’t know about that, but I do know this has been a milestone year, with so many projects and causes and, to top things off, the New Book! So we celebrate our favorite Irishman and wish him all the best on this, his special day.

Those blue eyes just sparkle, don’t they? Next is the now traditional Birthday Video. Each year I wonder why I’m making another video. I say the same things over and over again every year: “amazing year,” “congratulations,” “so much love,” etc. etc. Boring, but still heartfelt. I mean, I *do* mean the words, but I think I should start using a thesaurus or something . . .

And yet.

Each year I’m reminded just how far and wide our Mr. Byrne has ranged–to places distant and topics out of this world this very special year! Good guys, bad guys, nice guys, hard-to-figure-out guys. All different. All unique. And so many friends and colleagues along the way, both familiar and new. It is always a busy year, a full-of-things-accomplished year, a year that might make some of us feel like, well, heck, what did *I* do this year? Ha!

So that’s why I make The Birthday Video. Even a brief one like this (I left out a LOT of pics, believe me!) gives you an idea of all the work and play this creative man stuffs into four short seasons!

Enjoy! heart

Aragarna, a Byrneholic from the earliest days of this fandom, created the first Byrneholics Gabriel Birthday Banner back in 2010.

So I asked her to make one for this milestone birthday, too. And she did! It’s a little more whimsical, and I like it, because I have a feeling our Mr. Byrne is feeling a bit more whimsical these days, too. It’s an appropriate response to the current state of things, don’t you think?

Of course, it is not Gabriel’s Birthday without the annual wallpaper, so download this blue birthday goodness and make your desktop celebratory!

And finally, a little greeting of my own:

And when I say I’m right behind him, I’m not stalking him! I just mean he’s only 3 years older than I am. Boomers Unite! wink

Happiest of birthdays to you, Gabriel Byrne, and many more! heart

Be sure to check out the big Gabriel Fan Birthday Celebration and Josh’s Gabriel Birthday Tribute, too. It’s a milestone birthday. I wanted to mark it well. So thanks to all who contributed!


  1. Verónica


  2. Great job as always!!

  3. Beautiful video reminder of what 2020 projects we can now watch or look forward to this year ! I love your card Stella ! What a thrilling photo of you and Gabriel in his theatre dressing room in May 2016 during the run of Long Day’s Journey Into Night.

  4. Dear Stella, you’ve done a wonderful job. Simply beautiful and with so much love for Gabriel. I’m sure he’ll be very happy. Thank you so much.

  5. Gabriela Pérez Ledezma

    Great Job !!!

  6. Wonderful Birthday Greeting for Gabriel Byrne! Wishing him many more years ahead together with his family and friends! Thank you for sharing it,Stella and Ara. Love so much your Bday card,Stella <3


    Wait it isn’t so late to wish the best things to our dear Gabriel. I want him to have a beautiful BIRTHDAY, NEAR HIS FAMILY and FRIENDS, and a wonderful year full of success and the best news in all that he will begin in his life. With all my admiration for this special man, actor, writer, producer. Happy Birthday! All my feelings for him.

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