Usually, for Valentine’s Day, I would recommend watching Gabriel Byrne’s most romantic films, with some decadent sweets and someone sweet beside you.

Well, you know which films to watch by now, I’m sure (Just A Sigh, The Man in the Iron Mask, Siesta, Smilla’s Sense of Snow, etc.) and you can provide the rest as well far better than I can.

So this year, here are six new Valentines from Gabriel to help you celebrate this romantic day in style. Dress up your desktop with them! Or you can save them for later. For a day when you need a jolt from our favorite Irishman to wake up your heart. Or perhaps a day when things are not going so well, but HE is going quite well, thank you very much.

Do as you like with these heart-felt tributes. Just know that they are heart-felt indeed.

Happy Valentine’s Day to Byrneholics Everywhere! heart heart heart


  1. Nice! Happy and byrne-ing Valentine`s Day to all of you from Germany!

    Elf, with a big PURR from Simba and Nala

  2. Stella Thank you very much for the beautiful photomontages. They inspire the imagination and warm the heart – just like our favourite Irishman
    Love is all we have left

  3. Happy Valentine’s day Stella! I’d love to watch one of his movies, but Dish gave me a new hopper so I lost all of what I had taped. Oh well, I do love the pictures you put together!! Thanks.

  4. I’m a bit late to the party, but the sentiment is still strong. Happy Valentine’s Day to Stella and all Byrneholics! Inspired wallpapers, I must say. The most recent photo with Be my Valentine is so captivating.


    Thanks for these wonderful pics in this SPECIAL VALENTINE’S DAY. These are the best present we can have in our hearts. Ever near you to enjoy all these news ….Thanks STELLA

  6. Dear Stella, Thanks for all your efforts to keep us “Byrneing”!

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