The official selection at Cannes 2020 was just recently announced, so that festival is going on in spite of the pandemic, world unrest, and other global turmoils. And that’s a good thing! We need films and stories now more than ever, don’t we?

Celluloid Dreams, the French film production and distribution company which is also an international sales company, is bringing its slate of films to the festival, and has included its post-production titles in their Cannes line-up document.

One of those films is Death of a Ladies’ Man, which is still scheduled for a 2020 release. It will be marketed at Cannes this year, but not screened. Still, it is on the horizon and we look forward to seeing it with great anticipation!

Here is the film’s information included in the Celluloid Dreams Cannes 2020 line-up document:

Check out the list of Leonard Cohen songs that will be included in the film. What a treat those will be! Telling a story using iconic music like this is such a lovely concept.

Stay tuned for more film news as it happens!


In this Rolling Stone article from 2016, the year of Leonard Cohen’s death, there is a quote that I find both poignant and profound:

“This sounds like the most hackneyed 19th-century platitude,” Cohen once told me, “but in the midst of my own tiny personal troubles, I turned to the thing I knew how to do and I made songs out of it, and in the making of those songs, much of the pain was dissolved. That is one of the things that art does, is that it heals. A man who makes those choices in his own life is often more beautiful than his works. Any artist who remains true to himself becomes a work of art himself, because that is one of the most difficult things to do. If someone does have that vocation, and diligently applies himself to the exigencies that arise, he will lose a great deal but he will have created his own character.”

First production still for Death of a Ladies’ Man


  1. This is where my two worlds collide. I grew up with Leonard Cohen’s poetry and music. Un Canadien errant (The Lost Canadian) was not written by Leonard Cohen but it epitomized his wanderings to Greece, America and then the world. There is a black and white documentary where he sings this song on his balcony in French. Makes me cry everytime. Something tells me I’m going to love this film.


    Nothing More Beautiful that the music and the poems. Sometimes along my life I had written poems. Both move very emotions and feelings inside us …. I await this film with a great anxiety like others of our dear Gabriel, but I feel that this film is very deep and special. It makes me feel very anxious to see it. Wishing the best for you in this moment, all the health for you. Take Care.

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