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The Film Festival crew has made the video of Gabriel Byrne’s Talent Talk available on YouTube now.

Gabriel is as engaging, thought-provoking, honest, and articulate as always. His take on his new film, Death of a Ladies’ Man, makes me want to see this film more than ever and, if all goes well, that might happen in January 2021. Johanna Schneller asked some great questions and he seemed both relaxed and focused.

The pandemic has been a horrendous experience for the entire world, but virtual communication like this helps ease that social distancing and isolation pain. Many thanks to Gabriel for his participation and to the Whistler Film Festival for making this Talent Talk available to all of us.

Enjoy the video! heart


Corey Marr, one of the filmmakers behind Death of a Ladies’ Man, reached out to us on Facebook to say YES! Gabriel’s Talent Talk is now available to everyone and it is FREE!

Gabriel’s Talent Talk will stream on Wednesday, December 9, starting at 4:00 PM Pacific Time and 6:00 PM Central Standard Time US.

The Whistler Film Festival takes place in British Columbia, Canada annually. This is it’s 20th edition. And this year, of course, is different. This year, the festival has gone virtual.

The film line-up is diverse and eclectic, with a strong focus on Canadian co-productions, and includes everything you want from a festival: shorts, documentaries, and premieres of independent films. Independent films like Death of a Ladies’ Man!

The glitch? You knew there was going to be problem, right? Like other virtual film festivals we have seen so far, this festival is available to Canadian residents only. Wah!

There is hope, however. I’m in contact with the festival organizers. They may be able to make Gabriel’s events available to everyone. The film will not be open to us, but his other stuff might be.

So stay tuned. And a big shout-out to Susan over at Facebook who made the first inquiries about our plight! heart

Talent Talk

The Whistler Film Festival (WFF) will shine a spotlight on five of the industry’s top talent with films in the festival through its popular signature series of talent talks that recognize distinguished artists and rising stars of our time with an intimate interview and award. All conversations and screenings will take place online.

The Talent Talk with Gabriel Byrne is scheduled for Wednesday, December 9 at 4:00 PM Pacific Standard Time US.

The Maverick Award

Gabriel will be honored with the festival’s Maverick Award. This is the perfect award for him, because that is what he has always been!

Honourees at Whistler’s 20th edition includes American-Canadian actor Colm Feore who will receive the Canadian Icon Award, along with SUGAR DADDY writer and co-star Kelly McCormack, who will receive the One to Watch Award. Irish actor and filmmaker Gabriel Byrne, featured in the National Festival VOD Premiere of THE DEATH OF A LADIES MAN, will receive the Maverick Award; beloved Quebec actor Rémy Gerard, in the English Canadian Premiere of YOU WILL REMEMBER ME (TU TE SOUVIENDRAS DE MOI), will receive the Career Achievement Award; and Hong Kong-American actor Tzi Ma, attending the fest with the Canadian Premiere of A SHOT THROUGH THE WALL, will receive the Trailblazer Award. The previously announced WFF Stars to Watch will also be featured in a conversation on December 16.

“From Quebec’s beloved Rémy Girard and international superstar Gabriel Byrne to the talented cast members of SUGAR DADDY, Colm Feore and Kelly McCormack, and beloved Hong Kong-American actor Tzi Ma, this year’s Signature Series honorees are redoubtable talents at different stages in their exciting careers,” said Paul Gratton, WFF Director of Programming. “We are excited to be honouring this who’s who of gifted and talented performers this year and celebrate their career achievements with special online events and deserving awards.”

Official Poster

And for you lucky ducks who live in Canada:

The Film

Death of a Ladies’ Man begins screening on December 9. The premiere also includes a panel discussion with director Matt Bissonnette and others, too!

Here is a great synopsis:

Gabriel Byrne plays Samuel O’Shea, a roué professor who has been diagnosed with a brain tumour. This is causing him to revel in his past and hallucinate in the present. He also has two kids and a marriage that is falling apart. A Frankenstein sidles up to the bar at one point, and his father who died when he was a boy, keeps popping up to have a chat. Often his reveries turn into joyous song and dance numbers, all of them inspired by the music of Leonard Cohen. As things get even more disorienting, Samuel decides to retreat to a rural area of Ireland. There, he meets a perfect local woman in the form of Charlotte (Jessica Paré). She is the same age as his children, but she responds to the older man’s roguish charms and intelligence, grounding him at a time when he worries he might be losing his mind.

This is not the first time director Matt Bissonnette has explored cinematic links to Leonard Cohen. In 2002, he directed a film called LOOKING FOR LEONARD in which a character obsessively reread Cohen’s Beautiful Losers novel. In 2009, he directed PASSENGER SIDE, about two brothers driving around LA trying to score drugs and find meaning in their lives. Finding meaning in a life well misspent is the fundamental theme of DEATH OF A LADIES’ MAN. And sometimes that meaning is best expressed through an exploration of Leonard Cohen’s poetic musical oeuvre. This offbeat take on material that is sure to be enjoyed by Leonard Cohen fans the world over.

Fan poster by Stella heart

Death of a Ladies’ Man will eventually appear on our screens to delight us. We must w a i t until that happy day. Until then, read Gabriel’s new book. That should keep you busy!


  1. Looks good! Sounds like his life, without the brain tumor thank god. I’m still waiting for someone to find me in the woods! Thanks again Stella!

  2. Yay! So glad that the talk will be available internationally.


    DEAR STELLA … THANKS for this special news. I hope that this special film will be available in Argentina. This story is very special of course–it is a reality that it would happen to anyone … I work and help a variety of people with different health problems, and sometimes emotional problems, too. This is the reason I am sometimes late in reading your news. But I’m ever near waiting for it. Thanks for all of this. All my feelings for all you at the distance … take care …

  4. The film is a triumph for Gabriel Byrne. I’ve watched it twice, and it made me laugh and cry, sometimes at the same time. He brings a nuanced pathos to the role of the “ladies man”, but also charm and wit. The film is full of unexpected turns. The songs and poetry of Leonard Cohen drive the narrative in poignant and novel ways. A must-see.

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