It’s finally happened!

Excalibur: Behind the Movie is streaming!

With loads of background details, archival footage, scenes from the film itself, and new interviews with cast members, including Gabriel Byrne, Helen Mirren, Patrick Stewart, Liam Neeson, Nigel Terry, and of course, the director himself, John Boorman, this documentary gives you a real feel for what making a film in Ireland in 1980 was really like.

You can watch this wonderful documentary about the making of John Boorman’s masterpiece, Excalibur, at Amazon Prime US and Amazon Prime UK and also at iTunes.

Amazon Prime US offers it for both sale and rental as a streaming film, or you can subscribe to PBS as an Amazon Channel and get it that way.

Amazon Prime UK offers essentially the same options:

iTunes offers the streaming film for both rental and purchase.

This is such lovely news! I know there are many of you out there who have been waiting patiently for YEARS to see this film and I hope this will finally be your opportunity to enjoy it.

For more background on the making of Excalibur: Behind the Movie, including my trip to Dublin to celebrate the premiere of the film and to meet directors Mark Wright and Alec Moore (finally!), check out these early postings, from 2013:

Help Make New Documentary about Excalibur!

The Documentary Premiere in Ireland!

And you can read lots more postings about the film here and here.

Congratulations to Mark Wright, the director of this documentary. He worked long and hard to get the film made and then produced and distributed. I am so glad to see PBS finally make his and Alec’s film available to fans around the world. I hope everyone gets a chance to see it!

Left: Gabriel Byrne and documentary director Mark Wright
Right: John Boorman, director of EXCALIBUR, and Philip Reeve, executive producer
Gabriel Byrne, holding the sword, Excalibur, for the documentary film,
Excalibur: Behind the Movie
Official poster for the documentary


  1. Great film. Awesome documentary. Congratulations to you Stella !!

  2. I watched this documentary. The scenes from the film are stunning. All effects were in camera – no CGI. The contemporary interviews quite moving, Boorman, his children, and so many stars from the film share their impressions and memories. Gabriel ‘s comments are insightful about the great cinematic pairing of Wagner and the Arthurian legend, funny when he speaks of the armour and CERTAIN scenes, and emotional at the end. Stream it! You’ll want to see Excalibur all over again. And if you haven’t seen Excalibur, it’s a must see.


    PERHAPS, some days later, but ever present, with all these news, I could buy this film. Excalibur, some years ago, and was wonderful to enjoy this, for all the scenes, the great work of all actors in it and of course our dear GABRIEL IN HIS ROLE …I wait, that I can buy all the news films that he has done in these recent times too. Really is a great pleasure for me, our contact at the distance …but ever near you ..wishing the best for all of you and good health from my heart … TAKE CARE …

  4. Mark Wright

    Making this documentary was so much fun and it was great to meet such lovely people, including the host of ‘Byrneholics’ :-). I think it goes up for sale/rent in the UK this month.
    Thank you for sharing :-)

    • Mark, it is so good to see you here! I’ve heard from many fans who are so happy to see your documentary at last. You worked so hard to make it happen. I’m glad it is finally “out there” for people to enjoy.

      And the news about availability in the UK is fantastic! Let me know the details when you can and I’ll get the word out.

      I’ve seen the reviews for the doc at Amazon. They are all so positive and it’s received 5 stars from almost everybody! Be proud. <3

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