Trafalgar Square never looked so bleak.

Their hide-out discovered, the London survivors make their way to Bill’s laboratory at the Medical School, their dead specimen bouncing along in the shopping cart. We finally know what this promotional still is all about:

Episode 6 offers more evidence that some of the young people who have survived the alien attack are “special.” They can hear the pulsating hum created by the alien technology and they are not attacked in the same way everyone else is. There are other signs as well.

As Bill and two of the young people he and Helen have joined up with, Tom and Emily, make their way into his laboratory, Bill sees the rats, caged for various experiments, and he notices that most are dead and the survivors are eating them . . .

Bill: It’s pretty gruesome, isn’t it? That’s Darwinism in action. Strongest genes survive.

Tom: Is that why they’re killing us?

Bill: I don’t think it’s as simple as that.

Tom: Maybe they’re just evil. They get off on it.

Emily: They want to live. They’re scared of dying.

Bill: Why do you say that?

Emily: I can feel it.

Tom thinks: Maybe I don’t really want to be a scientist after all. Yuck.
But then: Eureka! Cool! Maybe I do!
Global Disaster Etiquette: After surviving yet another attack–and foraging for presents!–a birthday party is required.
I don’t know when this birthday cake was baked, but I’m eating it anyway . . .
I never knew keeping watch could be so romantic.

There is humor in the London story, with Bill and Helen appearing to grow closer, a familiar intimacy returning. I suppose this is inevitable, with evidence of the end times all around you. Even the characters in France find that there is hope. So we must have hope, too. I say that as I’m self-quarantining in my home and reading COVID-19 news every 3 minutes and worrying about friends and family and screaming at ineffective leaders and inane pundits on my television screen.

There is always hope. heart

One of the four lions guarding Nelson’s Column at Trafalgar Square, in happier times

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