Reboot (verb, transitive):

To start (something) anew : to refresh (something)
by making a new start or creating a new version.

—Merriam Webster Dictionary

Remember Paul?

Deadline has the scoop:

HBO’s In Treatment is officially back in session and, along with TBS’ Daniel Radcliffe-fronted Miracle Workers, is coming to California thanks to some generous tax credits from the state.

There are no definite details on whether Gabriel Byrne will be returning as psychotherapist Paul Weston in the premium cabler drama that first ran from 2008-2010. However, after rumblings of possibly more of the Rodrigo García-shepherded series started last month, we do know there will be a Season 4 of In Treatment and it will receive just more than $6 million in tax incentives from the Golden State.

“We are very grateful for the relocation incentive and the opportunity to base more production in California,” said HBO’s Janet Graham Borba on Monday of the move of the once NYC-based In Treatment out west in its latest incarnation. “The state’s ongoing efforts to promote film and TV production have a very significant impact,” the Production EVP added. In point of fact, this latest move by In Treatment is a homecoming of sorts; based on an Israeli format, Be Tipul, created by The Affair’s Hagai Levi, In Treatment’s first season was actually filmed in Los Angeles but the show relocated to New York upon the insistence of the Gotham-based Byrne. . .

Likely much more able to accommodate the restrictions of projected COVID-19 safety protocols due to its therapy-situated settings and spotlight on core characters, the new version of In Treatment will hire eight cast members for its Cali-based fourth season . . .

What? They want to do it again? I don’t know–maybe… What do YOU think?

At this time, there is no word on who might write and direct this new show, nor is there any inkling about who might act in it. Speculation runs rampant on Twitter, of course (“A reboot of In Treatment!? Heck, yes!”), and the great thing to note there is that EVERYONE seems enthusiastic and willing to entertain this idea!

Warren Leight was the showrunner for the original In Treatment. You can read the responses to his tweet on Twitter by clicking the embedded tweet above.

And almost everyone says: Give me Gabriel Byrne or go home.

So, once again, we must take up a “wait-and-see” attitude and keep ourselves open to this new development as it blossoms.

Who would YOU like to see in a new In Treatment?

What kinds of patients would interest you? And the format?

This would be an HBO series, probably, so no binge-ing at first, because they would not drop the entire series all at once. But HBO was surprisingly willing to experiment with the format for this series the first time around, so who knows what they might entertain now. What would YOU like to see?

Me? Oh, you know me. Give me Gabriel or give me… well. I’d probably watch this no matter what, but I wouldn’t necessarily be HAPPY about it. wink

THIS would make us all happy, I’m sure.

P. S. In Treatment, Seasons 1 – 3, is currently streaming via HBO. Watch it now! You’ll feel better. heart


  1. Martine Rosenberg

    I would love a 4th season and with Gabriel Byrne only!
    He is Paul.
    I’d love to see Laura back and a real romance between them

  2. I loved the series with Gabriel Byrne and the original writers and directors. It’s gold. No need to reboot. Just watch the original. It’s perfect. It holds up, even after repeated viewings.
    But if Gabriel Byrne et al do return for a fourth season, sign me up.

    • Mrinalini

      I don’t think I will ever have the heart to watch In Treatment without Gabriel Byrne… Paul Weston was the heart, soul and everything of the show and Gabriel WAS Paul. At times it became really difficult to draw the line there. Maybe if they make the show around Adele this time… With Paul as an occasional patient, I might give it a chance.


    In the same way, like Angele … I LOVED In TREATMENT, with our Gabriel Byrne … I think that all of us miss this series so much. It moves us so, each season. IT will be wonderful, the 4th season with him. All us will be so happy for it, certainly. Thanks for this news, Stella.

  4. That would be great! Especially now with people stuck indoors.

  5. It would be great with a new season with In Treatment, but we need to have Gabriel Byrne in it!
    He IS In Treatment. I think no actor can listen like he can.
    So I hope for more Paul Weston!

    • Nora, wouldn’t it be amazing!? Gabriel’s Paul is what got this website started, so it would be great to see him return to our screens once again, wouldn’t it?

      I have no idea if Gabriel as Paul will happen, and I rather think it will not, but the thought makes the day brighter, and I’ll watch whatever they come up with, at least a few episodes, anyway. ;-)

  6. Just finished the show and desparately seeking closure. This is wonderful news, totally agree-Paul must return!

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