Amazon Prime US and International drops all eight episodes of ZeroZeroZero today. We have been waiting for months for this series and now it is here!

And Collider already has a review up:

Cocaine is one hell of a drug. It’s also one hell of a business, and as Amazon’s violent new drug drama ZeroZeroZero dramatizes, it “keeps the world’s economy afloat.” This gritty international tale is clearly Amazon’s answer to Netflix’s Narcos, albeit a temporary one, given that it’s billed as a limited series. The streamer would be wise to take a page out of its competitor’s playbook and pivot to the equivalent of Narcos: Mexico, because these eight episodes would be a promising start for an ongoing franchise.

ZeroZeroZero is based on the book by Gomorrah author Roberto Saviano, and bounces between Italy, Mexico and New Orleans as we follow a large shipment of cocaine. Dane DeHaan and Andrea Riseborough star as Chris and Emma Lynwood, the adult children of Edward Lynwood (Gabriel Byrne), a well respected middle man who brokers drug deals between sellers and buyers . . .

Right off the bat, it’s my duty to warn you that this show is exceptionally violent. It’s the kind of show where someone gets shot in the head, and then two people pick up the body, and you can see the blood and brains falling out of the wound. And yet, the direction is basically flawless, whether it’s Stefano Sollima (Sicario: Day of the Soldado), Janus Metz (True Detective) or Pablo Trapero (The Clan) behind the camera, as they all do fantastic work . . .

Screencaps by Violetta

Many thanks to our best Byrneholics detective, Violetta, for these screencaps of Gabriel from ZeroZeroZero.

As she notes, not many smiles from Gabriel in this series, because there is really not much to smile about, but lots of smoking!

Smoking hot, she means. Well, I would say that, anyway. wink

Gabriel is always at his best in serious drama and this looks like serious drama indeed: the life or death kind. I hope his character makes it. We shall see! heart

Are you watching ZeroZeroZero? Binge-ing all at once or a few episodes at a time? Are you loving it? Leave your thoughts in the comments!


  1. I was able to watch 2 episodes last night. I was rattled but have since recovered. I think. Intriguing mix of three story lines, all linked through the cocaine shipment. Violent, disturbing, but oddly fascinating.
    Religious iconography in Italy and Mexico unsettling backdrop to the (excessive) violence, drugs, privilege, greed and money at play. When there is human pathos or caring, it is fleeting. I will watch more as the brother and sister team of cocaine brokers is interesting. Gabriel’s character reminds me of Dittmar, the ruthless financier in Costa-Gavras’ Capital. His voice-overs are chilling.

    • I will watch Episodes 7 and 8 tonight. While I’m sorry about certain aspects of the series (Gabriel!), I find the story itself, as well as the characters and their specific situations, riveting. Andrea Riseborough is a revelation and Dane DeHaan has been brilliant. Harold Torres is so scary, but also so human. Great series! But enough suspense and violence to last me a long time. I’m ready for comedy when all of this is over! ;-)

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